A couple of years ago I needed an Easter story written based on Scripture and interactive to keep a group of children engaged at our church's Easter egg hunt. I wrote this one to go along with the Resurrection eggs that we made ourselves. Each egg includes an item, a Bible verse, and an interactive action for kids to participate.

The Easter Story

Today I need your help to tell a story! Everyone loves a story, and this is a TRUE story! Even though it does take place "Long, long ago" and "Far, far away", it is 100% TRUE....it's an amazing story that really happened! So here we go.... Long, long ago in a far away land called Israel (close to where some of your moms & dads in the military have served recently) there lived a man named Jesus. Now He was no ordinary man! He was the Son of God. He helped create the heavens and the earth, but He had left heaven and was sent by God, His Father, to earth to live as a man. He lived a perfect life while He was here. He never sinned; He never disobeyed God. He was tempted just like we are, but He never sinned. Everything He did and said pleased His Father, God. He came for a very special mission;