Following is an excerpt that our 18 year old daughter wrote on her blog. What joy it brings to this mother's heart to see her children seeing Christ, seeking Christ, and sharing Christ! _________________________ "My Crazy Life...As a Sea Shell Seeker"

These tiny shells are gorgeously detailed even though they are tiny tiny tiny…. And that brings such joy to my heart! Wanna know why? Huh Huh Huh? Okay.. I’ll tell you (: If God can put such intricate detail and thought into each of these tiny tiny tiny baby shells…. can you imagine just how much time He has spent on us??? No really, think about it. Look at those shells again if you need to. These shells are tiny. I understand that the bigger shells have cool designs and everything, but these are the same thing, but on a much smaller scale! I think we lose track of what amazing craftsmanship we are! These shells, though similar, all have their differences that make them perfectly unique. God has given us all differences that are uniquely us. No one else has the exact same interests and dreams as others, we all have our quirks about us! ___________________________ Below is the link to "the rest of her story!" :)