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  1. Apr 27, 2017‘Happy Days’ Actress Erin Moran Reportedly Became a Christian Before Her Death
  2. Apr 27, 2017Ugandan Pastor Torches Bibles as the Work of ‘Devil Worshippers’
  3. Apr 27, 2017Republicans in Congress Push Trump for Religious Liberty Executive Order
  4. Apr 27, 2017Christian Midwife Told She Had to Perform Abortions Appeals Case
  5. Apr 27, 2017Bill Nye Criticized for Mocking Christian View of Sexuality in New Show
  6. Apr 27, 2017House Freedom Caucus Approves Revised Healthcare Bill
  7. Apr 27, 2017Daughter of Murdered Man Forgives Killer, Inspires People to Come to Faith
  8. Apr 27, 2017Study Finds Educated Christians More Likely to Attend Church
  9. Apr 26, 20174 Pro-life Victories in Trump’s First 100 Days
  10. Apr 26, 2017Planned Parenthood Abortionist Caught Selling Fetal Tissue Again
  11. Apr 26, 2017Prominent Trump Cabinet Members Meet for Weekly Prayer
  12. Apr 26, 2017Two Aleppo Bishops Kidnapped in 2013 Reportedly Still Alive
  13. Apr 26, 2017Liberal Protesters Target Heritage Foundation
  14. Apr 26, 2017Case of Christian Expelled from University for Views on Homosexuality Will be Heard before High Court
  15. Apr 26, 2017The Bible – Helpful, but Not Read Much
  16. Apr 25, 201710 Things You Should Know about Jehovah’s Witnesses
  17. Apr 25, 2017Study: Evangelicals, Charismatics are Most Prepared for Persecution
  18. Apr 25, 2017Little Girl Falls out Window of Moving Church Bus
  19. Apr 25, 2017GOP Senator Takes Aim at DNC Chair Over Abortion
  20. Apr 25, 2017Democrats Threaten Government Shutdown in Effort to Keep Funding Planned Parenthood
  21. Apr 25, 2017Wild Boars Attack ISIS Militants in Iraq
  22. Apr 24, 2017Planned Parenthood behind High Abortion Rate of Black Babies
  23. Apr 24, 2017Russia Bans Jehovah’s Witnesses in Crackdown on Religion
  24. Apr 24, 2017Virginia Woman Arrested for Self-Inducing Abortion
  25. Apr 24, 2017Anne Graham Lotz: ‘We Need God. Our Nation is Unraveling’
  26. Apr 24, 2017Parents Sue West Virginia School District Over Bible Classes
  27. Apr 24, 2017Did You Know a River Has the Right to Sue You?
  28. Apr 24, 2017North Korea Threatens Fiery Strike on U.S. Mainland
  29. Apr 24, 2017UN Council Accredits Christian Group after Years of Deferrals
  30. Apr 24, 2017British Teachers’ Union Pushes LGBT Education for Toddlers
  31. Apr 24, 2017No Certainty on Ruling in Landmark Church-State Dispute
  32. Apr 24, 2017Defense Department Expands its List of Recognized Religions
  33. Apr 21, 2017‘The Promise’ Incites Anger within Turkish Media
  34. Apr 21, 2017American Aid Workers Imprisoned in Egypt are Released
  35. Apr 21, 2017Lions Reportedly Save Pastor and His Friends from Attack by Islamic Extremists
  36. Apr 21, 2017Alabama Senate Passes Major Pro-life Bill
  37. Apr 21, 2017Christian and Jewish Ministry Issues Call to Help Poverty-Stricken Survivors ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day
  38. Apr 21, 2017Chris Pratt Quotes Bible Verse in Post about His New Hollywood Star
  39. Apr 21, 2017Why Did Aaron Hernandez Write ‘John 3:16’ on His Forehead before Killing Himself?
  40. Apr 21, 2017ISIS Takes Responsibility for Paris Attack That Killed Police Officer
  41. Apr 20, 20174 Things You Should Know about the Supreme Court Religious Liberty Case
  42. Apr 20, 2017Christian Pastor Detained in China for Singing ‘Jesus Loves You’
  43. Apr 20, 2017Nigeria: Parents of Missing Girls Continue to Pray for Their Safe Return
  44. Apr 20, 2017Supreme Court Shows Support for Church in High-Profile Religious Liberty Case
  45. Apr 20, 2017Photo of Soldier Erecting Cross on Easter Sunday in Iraq Goes Viral
  46. Apr 20, 2017Egypt: 16-Year-Old Christian Boy Murdered as Violence against Christians Continues
  47. Apr 20, 2017Bill O’Reilly Greeted by Pope Hours before Fox News Announces Ouster
  48. Apr 19, 2017Researchers Launch Hunt for Jesus’ Descendants
  49. Apr 19, 2017Focus on the Family to Bring Back Teen Magazine Brio
  50. Apr 19, 2017Egypt: ISIS Kills Policeman, Wounds 4 Others in Attack on Monastery
  51. Apr 19, 2017Muslim Man Disrupts Christian Conference, Threatens Violence in Facebook Video
  52. Apr 19, 2017Rare 1866 Coin Donated to Church to Help Congregation Secure Its Own Building
  53. Apr 18, 2017Planned Parenthood to Give Hillary Clinton ‘Champion of the Century’ Award
  54. Apr 18, 2017President Trump Addresses Persecution and Religious Freedom in Weekend Message
  55. Apr 18, 2017Assad Regime Reportedly Holding Syrian Boy in Viral Video under House Arrest
  56. Apr 18, 2017India: 16 Christians Dead after Fatal Vehicle Accident
  57. Apr 18, 2017Tennessee to Cease Enforcing Two Restrictions on Abortion
  58. Apr 18, 2017Family of Man Killed in Facebook Live Video Extends Forgiveness to Murderer
  59. Apr 18, 2017UK PM Theresa May Champions Role of Christianity in British Society
  60. Apr 17, 20177 Things God Says about the Earth and Caring for it
  61. Apr 17, 2017The Sky is This Summer’s Biggest Attraction
  62. Apr 17, 2017Have Octopuses Outsmarted Darwin?
  63. Apr 17, 2017‘Dancing with the Stars’ Has Featured Worship Songs in Recent Season
  64. Apr 17, 2017Supreme Court Readies for Religious Liberty Showdown
  65. Apr 17, 2017Australia: Christians Experiencing Increased Attacks from Muslim Extremists
  66. Apr 17, 2017Thousands of Christians Gathered at Lincoln Memorial to Celebrate Christ’s Resurrection
  67. Apr 17, 2017‘The Case for Christ’ Moves up to #9 at Box Office
  68. Apr 13, 2017Sweden: Court Rules Nurse Must Assist with Abortions to Keep Her Job
  69. Apr 13, 2017Good News! Faith Motivates Kickstarter for Newspaper to Print Hopeful Headlines
  70. Apr 13, 2017Thousands of Christians Expected for Rapturous Holy Fire Ceremony
  71. Apr 13, 2017Soul-searching at Princeton Theological Seminary
  72. Apr 12, 2017Brazil: Evangelical Churches Growing in Poorest Communities
  73. Apr 12, 2017US Copts Pray, Raise Money for Victims of Egypt Church Bombings
  74. Apr 12, 2017Study: Worldwide Downward Trend in Restrictions on Religion Reversed
  75. Apr 12, 20175 Facts about the First Major Case Facing Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch
  76. Apr 12, 2017Alabama Senate Votes to Give Church Its Own Police Force
  77. Apr 12, 2017Study: 14 Percent of U.S. Christians Left Their Churches after Trump was Elected
  78. Apr 12, 2017Ole Miss Football Coach under Fire for Tweeting Bible Verses
  79. Apr 12, 2017Egypt: Coptic Churches Cancel Easter Services in Aftermath of Palm Sunday Bombings
  80. Apr 12, 2017San Bernardino School Shooter was a Pastor
  81. Apr 12, 2017Pastor Saeed Accuses Franklin Graham of Exploiting His Situation
  82. Apr 11, 2017Sister of American Pastor Jailed in Turkey: ‘We Believe God is with Him’
  83. Apr 11, 2017Should Christians Celebrate Passover? Conservative Christian Author Answers
  84. Apr 11, 2017Report: Chick-Fil-A is Favorite Restaurant of Teens
  85. Apr 11, 2017Claremont College Students Silence Conservative Speaker
  86. Apr 11, 2017Kentucky Judge Signs Order to Keep State’s Last Abortion Clinic Open
  87. Apr 11, 20175 Things You Should Know about Coptic Christians
  88. Apr 11, 2017Alabama Governor, a Former Baptist Deacon, Resigns Amid Scandal
  89. Apr 10, 2017‘The Case for Christ’ in Top 10 at Box Office
  90. Apr 10, 2017One Million Christians Prepare for Pilgrimage to Rome for Easter
  91. Apr 10, 2017At Least 2 Dead in San Bernardino Elementary School Shooting
  92. Apr 10, 2017Target Transgender Policy Causes Retail Chain to Take Major Financial Hit
  93. Apr 10, 2017At Least 4 Dead in San Bernardino Elementary School Shooting
  94. Apr 10, 2017Obama Administration Official Reveals They Knew Assad Had Chemical Weapons
  95. Apr 10, 2017Study: Increasing Number of Americans ‘Love Jesus but Not the Church’
  96. Apr 10, 2017Egypt: Death Toll Rises in Coptic Christian Church Bombings
  97. Apr 9, 2017Two Christian Churches Bombed in Egypt on Palm Sunday, ISIS Takes Credit
  98. Apr 7, 2017Senate Confirms Gorsuch to Supreme Court
  99. Apr 7, 2017Author Anne Lamott: ‘Mercy is Our Only Hope’
  100. Apr 7, 2017NC Church Bans Boy Scouts Due to Transgender Policy
  101. Apr 7, 2017Airman Faces Censure over Support for Biblical Marriage
  102. Apr 7, 2017Five WHO Aid Workers Nabbed in Somalia
  103. Apr 7, 2017Federal Court Overturns Indiana Ultrasound Law
  104. Apr 7, 2017Federal Court’s Redefinition of ‘Sex’ Could Have Wide Ripple Effects
  105. Apr 7, 2017Marriage is Still the Gold Standard of Family Stability
  106. Apr 7, 2017Nigeria: Boko Haram Has Killed at Least 500 Priests
  107. Apr 7, 2017Trump Chooses Pro-Life Conservative Christian as Army Secretary
  108. Apr 7, 2017Judge Neil Gorsuch is Confirmed to Serve on Supreme Court
  109. Apr 7, 2017President Trump’s Speech about Syria Contained Spiritual Undertones
  110. Apr 7, 2017At Least 2 Dead, Dozens Injured after Vehicle Attack in Sweden
  111. Apr 7, 2017U.S. Launches Missile Strikes against Syrian Airbase
  112. Apr 7, 2017Faith Helped Baseball Coach Tony Beasley Beat Cancer
  113. Apr 6, 2017Actor Mr. T Shares Importance of Faith in His Life
  114. Apr 6, 2017Why Isn’t the U.S. Arming Assyrian Christians in the Fight against ISIS?
  115. Apr 6, 2017Nigeria: Boko Haram Kidnaps 22 More Girls
  116. Apr 6, 2017Norwegian Evangelicals Withdraw from Franklin Graham Event Due to His Support for Trump
  117. Apr 6, 2017ISIS Brutally Executes 33 People in Syria
  118. Apr 6, 2017Survey: Majority of Americans Value Bible but are Too Busy to Read it
  119. Apr 6, 2017After Syrian Gas Attack, Pope Francis Calls on World Leaders: ‘End This Tragedy’
  120. Apr 6, 2017Muslim Births Projected to Outnumber Christian Births Globally by 2035
  121. Apr 5, 2017California Senate Passes ‘Sanctuary State’ Bill
  122. Apr 5, 2017Texas: 24 Abortion Clinics Closed in Last 5 Years
  123. Apr 5, 2017Trump Cuts Funding for Forced Abortions in China
  124. Apr 5, 2017Republicans Take First Step to Confirm Gorsuch Using ‘Nuclear Option’
  125. Apr 5, 2017Death Toll Rises in Aftermath of Syria Poison Gas Attack
  126. Apr 5, 2017Cadbury Takes ‘Easter’ out of Annual Easter Egg Hunt Ad
  127. Apr 4, 2017Cadbury Takes ‘Easter’ out of Annual Easter Egg Hunt Ad
  128. Apr 4, 2017Discovery of 3,000-Year-Old Donkey Dung Validates Biblical Account of King Solomon
  129. Apr 4, 2017Secretary of State Meets with Wife of Imprisoned American Pastor
  130. Apr 4, 2017France: Evangelical Church Targeted in Arson Attack
  131. Apr 4, 20175 Facts about the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  132. Apr 4, 2017Poison Gas Attack in Syria Leaves Dozens Dead and Injured, Including Children
  133. Apr 3, 2017UK Buses to Display Bible Verses during Easter
  134. Apr 3, 2017China: Raids on House Churches Continue in Crackdown on Christianity
  135. Apr 3, 2017Chip and Joanna Gaines Announce New Show
  136. Apr 3, 2017Survey: Evangelical Leaders Really Don’t Want to Endorse Politicians
  137. Apr 3, 2017Still No Sign of Leader for White House Faith Partnership Office
  138. Apr 3, 2017Prison Fellowship Spearheads ‘Second Chance Month’ to Help Ex-Convicts
  139. Apr 3, 2017Canada’s New Transgender Rights Bill Could Threaten Religious Freedom
  140. Apr 3, 2017Russia: Possible Terror Attack Kills 10 in St. Petersburg
  141. Apr 3, 2017Colombia: Mudslide Death Toll over 250
  142. Apr 3, 2017California AG Files Felony Charges against Pro-Life Activists
  143. Apr 3, 2017Senate Addresses Sex Abuse in Olympic Gymnastics
  144. Apr 3, 2017Three Senate Democrats Support Judge Gorsuch
  145. Mar 31, 2017Iran: Women Forced to Wear Hijabs Even When Entering Christian Church
  146. Mar 31, 2017College Reinstates Suspended Christian Student
  147. Mar 31, 2017Canada is Harvesting the Organs of Euthanasia Patients
  148. Mar 31, 2017Utah Adopts Informed Consent Law for Medication Abortions
  149. Mar 31, 2017China: Imprisoned Pastor in Critical Condition is Refused Adequate Medical Attention
  150. Mar 31, 2017Christian Band We Are Messengers Miraculously Survive Terrible Accident
  151. Mar 31, 2017Vimeo Pulls Christian Ministry’s Videos for Biblical Perspective on Homosexuality
  152. Mar 31, 2017Church of England Institutes New Procedures to Prevent Sexual Abuse
  153. Mar 31, 2017Justin Bieber Gets ‘Chronicles of Narnia’-Inspired Tattoos
  154. Mar 31, 2017Mike Pence Receives Criticism for Protecting His Marriage
  155. Mar 31, 2017U.S. Senate Reverses Measure That Banned States from Defunding Planned Parenthood
  156. Mar 31, 2017Why Won’t Mike Pence Eat Alone with a Woman Who is Not His Wife?
  157. Mar 31, 2017Survivors Remember Ebola Epidemic as Samaritan’s Purse Releases Documentary
  158. Mar 30, 2017Some Protestant Pastors Preach on Race but Most Leave it to Others
  159. Mar 30, 2017North Carolina Lawmakers Compromise on Controversial Transgender ‘Bathroom Bill’
  160. Mar 30, 2017California Gov: Undocumented Immigrants are ‘Children of God’ and Should Be Treated as Such
  161. Mar 30, 2017Turkey: Jailed American Pastor Calls on Trump for Help
  162. Mar 30, 2017At US Capitol, Christians Protest Budget Cuts
  163. Mar 30, 2017Is Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee an Abortion Foe’s Dream – or Nightmare?
  164. Mar 30, 2017Cost of Rebuilding Iraq’s Homes and Churches is $200 Million
  165. Mar 30, 2017Planned Parenthood’s New Clinic Cost $20 Million
  166. Mar 29, 2017Christian Actor Jason David Frank to be Part of New ‘Power Rangers’ Film
  167. Mar 29, 2017Republicans Reworking Healthcare after American Health Care Act is Pulled from Consideration
  168. Mar 29, 2017The Russian Issue on Which We Should be Focusing: Putin’s War on Christianity
  169. Mar 29, 2017Mexico: Another Priest Killed in Increasing Violence
  170. Mar 29, 2017California Files Felony Charges against Journalists Who Exposed Planned Parenthood
  171. Mar 29, 2017Republicans Confident Democrats Won’t be Able to Block Gorsuch’s Confirmation
  172. Mar 28, 2017Franklin Graham Criticizes Republicans and Democrats for Failing to Pass Healthcare Bill
  173. Mar 28, 2017Report: China Aborted 336 Million Babies Since 1971
  174. Mar 28, 2017Christian Student Reprimanded for Disagreeing with Muslim Professor about the Resurrection
  175. Mar 28, 2017Religiously Affiliated Hospital Pensions at the Center of Supreme Court Case
  176. Mar 28, 2017Newborn Girl Rescued after Parents Who Wanted a Boy Buried Her Alive
  177. Mar 28, 2017Are Nigeria’s Christians Being Eliminated?
  178. Mar 28, 2017How God Turned an Ebola Suicide Mission into Triumph
  179. Mar 28, 2017Egyptian Copts Finally Fulfilling ‘Dream’ of Traveling to Jerusalem
  180. Mar 27, 2017Christian Ministry Working to Combat Child Bride Epidemic in U.S.
  181. Mar 27, 2017Christ Covenant Church Names Kevin DeYoung as New Senior Pastor
  182. Mar 27, 2017Muslim Jihadist Becomes a Christian after Seeing Jesus in a Dream
  183. Mar 27, 2017Homeschool Defense Group Fights against Law Targeting Homeschoolers’ Freedom
  184. Mar 27, 2017Houston Pastors Release Video in Support of Texas Bathroom Bill
  185. Mar 27, 2017More Than 20 Million in Africa, Middle East at Risk of Starvation
  186. Mar 27, 2017Student Sues School over Girl in Boys’ Locker Room
  187. Mar 27, 2017Libya Drops Plan to Curb Migrant Crossings
  188. Mar 27, 2017Democrats Announce Plan for Gorsuch Filibuster
  189. Mar 27, 2017Alabama Lawmaker Wants to Nix Marriage Licenses
  190. Mar 27, 2017South Carolina and Baylor March Madness Teams Join Together for Post-Game Prayer
  191. Mar 27, 2017Iraq’s Prime Minister Says ISIS Will be Defeated ‘Within Weeks’
  192. Mar 24, 2017Peru: Torrential Rains Causing Devastating Floods; 78 People Dead
  193. Mar 24, 2017NYC: Bus with Anti-Transgender Message is Vandalized
  194. Mar 24, 2017Trump Gives Republicans an Ultimatum: Pass Healthcare Bill or He’ll Move On
  195. Mar 24, 2017Muslim-Turned-Christian-Apologist Says Jesus Appeared to Him in a Dream
  196. Mar 24, 2017Nigeria: Christians Denied Aid in Refugee Camps
  197. Mar 24, 2017Pakistan Seeks to Deal with “Blasphemous” Content on Social Media
  198. Mar 24, 2017Prayer Vigil Held in Trafalgar Square after Terror Attack
  199. Mar 23, 2017The 10 Most Pro-Life U.S. States: Did Your State Make the List?
  200. Mar 23, 2017Pastor Teams Up with Law Enforcement to Stop Brutal Child Sacrifices
  201. Mar 23, 2017Pastor Teams Up with Law Enforcement to Stop Brutal Child Sacrifices
  202. Mar 23, 2017‘Case for Christ’ Star Mike Vogel on His Role in the Film and How the Book Influenced Him
  203. Mar 23, 2017Mosul: 400,000 People Still Trapped in City by ISIS
  204. Mar 23, 2017Chaplains Allowed to Pray at Air Force Base Despite Atheist Complaints
  205. Mar 23, 2017ISIS Claims Responsibility for London Terror Attack
  206. Mar 23, 2017Iowa House Committee Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban Bill
  207. Mar 22, 2017‘Vicar of Baghdad’ Says Christianity is Gone from Middle East: ‘It is Over’
  208. Mar 22, 2017On World Water Day, African Church Leaders Highlight Shortages
  209. Mar 22, 2017UK: 4 People Killed in ‘Terror Incident’ outside Parliament
  210. Mar 22, 2017Princeton Theological Seminary Rescinds Award to be Given to Tim Keller
  211. Mar 22, 2017Study: Transgenders Have More Consistent Church Attendance Than Homosexuals or Heterosexuals
  212. Mar 22, 2017President Trump Announced as Liberty University Commencement Speaker
  213. Mar 22, 2017Mitch McConnell Says Senate Will ‘Reach a Conclusion’ on Healthcare Next Week
  214. Mar 22, 2017Judge Neil Gorsuch Answering Tough Questions in Confirmation Hearing
  215. Mar 22, 2017ISIS Training Child Fighters to Block Christians from Returning Home to Mosul
  216. Mar 22, 2017Southern Baptist Leaders Stand by Moore after His Apologies
  217. Mar 22, 2017Southern Baptist Leaders Stand by Moore after His Apologies
  218. Mar 21, 2017Guatemala’s President Seeks Out Famous Evangelist after Horrific Tragedy
  219. Mar 21, 2017Demi Lovato on Being Drug and Alcohol Free: ‘I Couldn’t Have Done it Without God’
  220. Mar 21, 2017Pastor Finds $62 Million Diamond and Gives It Away
  221. Mar 21, 2017Russell Moore Apologizes for Creating Conflict with Opposition to Trump
  222. Mar 21, 2017Pastor Finds $62 Diamond and Gives It Away
  223. Mar 21, 2017Power Rangers to Feature Lesbian Character
  224. Mar 21, 2017Trump’s Budget Slashes Aid to the Poor. Would Jesus Have a Problem with That?
  225. Mar 21, 2017Princeton Seminary Alumni Object to Visit of Pastor Tim Keller
  226. Mar 20, 20176-Year-Old Spends Birthday Serving the Homeless
  227. Mar 20, 2017Texas High School’s Prayer Room Center of Controversy
  228. Mar 20, 2017Statistics Show Those with Down Syndrome are Happiest People Alive
  229. Mar 20, 20171,400-Year-Old Coins Belonging to Persecuted Christians Found Near Jerusalem
  230. Mar 20, 2017Josh and Anna Duggar Expecting Another Child—a Boy
  231. Mar 20, 2017Sanctuary for the Undocumented Comes with Legal Consequences
  232. Mar 20, 2017Saints, American Christianity Face off in Religious March Madness Alternatives
  233. Mar 20, 2017ISIS’s Intriguing Silence about Donald Trump’s Approach to Muslims
  234. Mar 20, 2017Kenyan Bus Ambush in Which Muslims Shielded Christians is Now a Movie
  235. Mar 20, 2017Confirmation Hearing for Judge Neil Gorsuch Begins Today
  236. Mar 20, 2017Tim Allen: ‘Being a Conservative in Hollywood is Like Living in ’30s Germany’
  237. Mar 17, 2017Disney’s ‘Gay Moment’ Unwelcome in Some Countries
  238. Mar 17, 2017Malaysian Pastor Kidnapped after Helping Muslims
  239. Mar 17, 2017Ranchers Who Survived Wildfires Face Crippling Losses
  240. Mar 17, 2017What’s Driving Muslim Refugees to Christianity?
  241. Mar 17, 2017‘Jumping Genes’ Further Debunk Evolution
  242. Mar 17, 201710 Reasons Why Taxpayers Should Defund Planned Parenthood
  243. Mar 17, 2017Bill Would Give Bosses More Access to Workers’ Health Histories
  244. Mar 17, 2017Pastor Allegedly Stabbed by His Own Parishioner
  245. Mar 17, 2017Fighting for the True Gospel in Africa
  246. Mar 17, 2017House Budget Committee Approves New Healthcare Legislation
  247. Mar 17, 2017The Atlantic Acknowledges Secularism is Hurting America
  248. Mar 17, 2017Nigerian Pastor Killed by Unknown Gunmen
  249. Mar 17, 2017More Than 100 Christian Leaders Oppose Trump’s Foreign Aid Budget Cuts
  250. Mar 17, 2017Miss North Dakota Gives Pro-Life Speech to State Senate
  251. Mar 17, 2017Supreme Court Justice Calls for Vigilance in Protecting Religious Freedom
  252. Mar 16, 2017Feminists Act out Abortion on Woman Dressed as Virgin Mary
  253. Mar 16, 2017Hispanic Church Attendance Down Since Trump Took Office
  254. Mar 16, 2017Former Planned Parenthood Workers Reveal Gruesome Process of Sorting Baby Body Parts
  255. Mar 16, 2017Trump Travel Ban Blocked Again in Court
  256. Mar 16, 2017Franklin Graham Calls out Snoop Dogg for Video Staging Shooting of Trump
  257. Mar 16, 2017Black Southern Baptists: ‘We are Pulling for Dr. Moore’
  258. Mar 15, 2017Muslims Coming to Christ in Great Numbers through Dreams and Visions
  259. Mar 15, 2017Study: 95 Percent of Faith-Driven Consumers Unlikely to See Beauty and the Beast Remake Due to Gay Character
  260. Mar 15, 2017Faith-Healing Church Members under Fire for Death of Premature Baby
  261. Mar 15, 2017Former NC Gov. Can’t Find New Job Due to Transgender Bathroom Bill
  262. Mar 15, 2017Jerusalem: Church of the Holy Sepulchre Being Restored
  263. Mar 15, 2017Planned Parenthood VP Refuses to Say Whether Abortion Takes a Life
  264. Mar 15, 2017Nurse Shares Photo of 26-Week Preemie Baby Grabbing Her Hand
  265. Mar 14, 2017Russell Moore, Frank Page Unite in Wake of Baptist Controversy over Trump
  266. Mar 14, 2017Grammy Winner Alex Campos Shares How God Set Him Free from Sexual Abuse
  267. Mar 14, 2017Study: 39 Percent of Evangelicals Approve of Women Pastors
  268. Mar 14, 2017Lenient Abortion Bill Struck Down in Ireland
  269. Mar 14, 2017Planned Parenthood CEO: It’s ‘Obscene and Insulting’ to Ban Abortions
  270. Mar 14, 2017EU Court Rules Workers Can be Banned from Wearing Religious Symbols
  271. Mar 14, 2017South Sudan: Kidnapped Samaritan’s Purse Aid Workers are Released
  272. Mar 14, 2017Russell Moore in Danger of Losing Job Due to Criticism of Trump
  273. Mar 14, 2017China’s New Policy Expected to Lead to More Religious Persecution
  274. Mar 14, 2017Samaritan’s Purse Workers Kidnapped in South Sudan
  275. Mar 13, 2017Man Attempts White House Break-in
  276. Mar 13, 2017Tim Tebow Says His Future Wife ‘Has to Love Jesus and Want to Adopt Kids’
  277. Mar 13, 2017Conservatives in Hollywood Speak out about Bias
  278. Mar 13, 2017Michael Buble’s Brother-in-Law Credits God with Healing Singer’s Son of Cancer
  279. Mar 13, 2017Victorian-Era Church Devastated by Fire in UK
  280. Mar 13, 2017Man Who Harassed Christians Online Banned from Church for 5 Years
  281. Mar 13, 2017Bulgarian Church Where Jews Found Refuge during Holocaust May Receive Nobel Peace Prize
  282. Mar 10, 2017Christian Sites Destroyed in Iran
  283. Mar 10, 2017Houston Man Pleads for Wife Detained in China
  284. Mar 10, 2017Canada Pledges $650 Million for Abortion, Family Planning
  285. Mar 10, 2017Christian Preschool Shuts Down, Fearing Enforcement of Transgender Bathroom Policies
  286. Mar 10, 2017Jamie Lynn Spears Thanks God for Saving Her Daughter after Accident
  287. Mar 10, 2017Pence to Meet with Pro-Life Advocates to Discuss No Taxpayer Funding of Abortions
  288. Mar 10, 2017Former Porn Star’s Life is Transformed When She Finds Jesus
  289. Mar 10, 2017Pope Francis Says Married Men Could be Considered for Priesthood
  290. Mar 10, 2017Nigerian Pastor Tortured by Government Officials
  291. Mar 9, 2017Georgia: Orthodox Church Embroiled in Poisoning Attempt Scandal
  292. Mar 9, 2017Did Christ Really Rise from the Dead? 4 Confirmations That We Serve a Risen Lord
  293. Mar 9, 2017China Kicking out Dozens of South Korean Missionaries
  294. Mar 9, 2017Former Gang Member Transformed by Gospel, Now Leads a Church
  295. Mar 9, 2017South Carolina Takes First Step toward Banning Dismemberment Abortions
  296. Mar 9, 2017South Carolina Takes First Step in Banning Dismemberment Abortions
  297. Mar 9, 2017Kentucky Passes Bill to Protect Religious Expression in Public Schools
  298. Mar 8, 201710 Things You May Not Know about St. Patrick
  299. Mar 8, 2017Blind Christian Woman Refuses to Convert to Islam after Captured by ISIS
  300. Mar 8, 2017New Immigration Order Doesn’t Prioritize Persecuted Christians
  301. Mar 8, 2017Public Prosecutor: Quoting KJV Bible Should be Considered ‘Abusive’ and ‘Criminal’
  302. Mar 8, 2017Wyoming Judge Who Refused to Perform Same-Sex Marriage Reprimanded in Court
  303. Mar 8, 2017Granddaughter of Westboro Baptist Church Founder Explains Why She Left
  304. Mar 8, 2017Human Rights Lawyer Facing Torture in China
  305. Mar 8, 2017Trump Travel Ban Orders a Report on Honor Killings
  306. Mar 8, 2017Christian Singer Steven Curtis Chapman: ‘Trust God’ through Tragedy
  307. Mar 7, 2017Research: People Who Go to Church, Wear Cross Necklaces Perceived as More Trustworthy
  308. Mar 7, 2017Chance the Rapper Donates $1 Million to Chicago Public Schools
  309. Mar 7, 2017Republicans Release Obamacare Replacement Bill
  310. Mar 7, 2017New Planets Raise Old Questions
  311. Mar 7, 2017Emma Watson Donates to Planned Parenthood: ‘They’re the Best’
  312. Mar 7, 2017Trump Willing to Allow Funding to Planned Parenthood if They Stop Abortions
  313. Mar 7, 2017Iraq: Christian Missionaries Witness Horrific Death of 3-Year-Old in ISIS Bomb Attack
  314. Mar 7, 2017Islamic Extremists in Somalia Kill Secret Christian, Her Son, Wound Husband, Sources Say
  315. Mar 7, 2017Faith Groups: New Immigration Order Still Anti-Muslim, Anti-Immigrant
  316. Mar 6, 2017Bishop Urges Christians to Remain in Church of England Despite Gay Marriage Controversy
  317. Mar 6, 2017Israel: Archaeologists Discover 4,000-Year-Old Rock Art
  318. Mar 6, 2017Scholars Debate Evidence for Jesus’ Existence
  319. Mar 6, 2017Christian Groups Launch ‘Why Israel Matters’ TV Documentary Series
  320. Mar 6, 2017Alabama Churchgoers Walk Out of Service When Speaker Mentions Voter ID Law
  321. Mar 6, 2017President Trump to Release Revised Travel Ban Today
  322. Mar 6, 2017Severe Drought in Somalia Turns Deadly
  323. Mar 6, 2017GOP Lawmakers Planning to Reveal Obamacare Replacement Bill This Week
  324. Mar 6, 2017Controversial Book ‘The Shack’ Makes the Leap from Page to Screen
  325. Mar 3, 2017Church of England’s Stance on Gay Marriage is ‘Untenable’ Say MPs
  326. Mar 3, 2017Droves of Canadian Doctors Opt Out of Euthanasia
  327. Mar 3, 2017Judge Orders School to Open Restrooms to Transgender Students
  328. Mar 3, 2017Claims of New Habitable Planets Overly Optimistic
  329. Mar 3, 2017Pediatricians Warn Parents: Pot is Not Benign
  330. Mar 3, 2017Christians Flee ISIS Terror in Sinai Peninsula
  331. Mar 3, 2017Christians Who Refused to Bake Cake for Gay Wedding Appeal $135,000 Fine
  332. Mar 3, 2017Syrian Forces Recapture Ancient City of Palmyra from ISIS
  333. Mar 3, 2017Coptic Christians in NYC Repurpose Catholic Church for Worship Services
  334. Mar 3, 2017Air Force Base Removes Religious Posters after Accusations of Sexism
  335. Mar 2, 2017Palace of Biblical King Sennacherib Discovered under Tomb of Prophet Jonah
  336. Mar 2, 2017Report: Islam Will Surpass Christianity as World’s Dominant Religion by End of Century
  337. Mar 2, 2017Are Attacks Against President Trump a Satanic Ploy to Destroy America?
  338. Mar 2, 2017Pakistani Christian Woman is Beaten, Raped, and Forced to Convert to Islam
  339. Mar 2, 2017Azerbaijan: Pastor Says It’s His Dream to See Country’s 9 Million Muslims Turn to Christ
  340. Mar 2, 2017Beauty and the Beast Remake to Feature Disney’s First ‘Gay Moment’
  341. Mar 2, 2017Soft-Toned Trump Reaches out to Religious and Other Minorities
  342. Mar 1, 2017Study Reveals Many Pastors Struggle with Friendships, Mental Health
  343. Mar 1, 2017Poll Shows Disparity between Claiming Christian Faith and Living It
  344. Mar 1, 2017Catholic Network to Launch New Pro-Life Show Friday
  345. Mar 1, 2017Trump’s Speech to Congress Receives Bipartisan Approval
  346. Mar 1, 2017‘Ash n’ Dash’ Offered to Commuters on Ash Wednesday
  347. Mar 1, 2017Baseballer Tim Tebow Lays the Lumber on Life and Feeling Pressure
  348. Feb 28, 2017UK Prayer Initiative Begins in April: 100,000 Expected to Join
  349. Feb 28, 2017King Richard III’s Personal Prayer Book Now Available Online
  350. Feb 28, 2017Egypt: Churches Condemn ISIS Attacks on Coptic Christians
  351. Feb 28, 2017Trump to Address Congress for First Time Today
  352. Feb 28, 2017Christian Worship Dropped From London State Schools In ‘Ground Breaking’ Decision
  353. Feb 28, 2017Some Churches Will Offer Glitter Ashes on Ash Wednesday to Welcome Gay Community
  354. Feb 28, 2017Franklin Graham: Supporting Planned Parenthood is Like ‘Raising Money to Fund a Nazi Death Camp’
  355. Feb 27, 2017China: Pastor Arrested for Refusing to Submit to Surveillance
  356. Feb 27, 2017Pope Francis Says It’s Better to be an Atheist Than a Hypocritical Christian
  357. Feb 27, 2017George Bush’s Daughter Barbara to Deliver Keynote Address at Planned Parenthood Fundraiser
  358. Feb 27, 2017CPAC Panelist: Republicans Should Pass Laws to Protect Free Speech Rights
  359. Feb 27, 2017CPAC Panelist: Republicans Should Pass Laws to Protect Free Speech Rights
  360. Feb 27, 2017Digital Devotion: Christians Get Social Media, Other Online Tools to Observe Lent
  361. Feb 27, 2017First Scorecard on International Religious Freedom Rates Members of Congress
  362. Feb 27, 2017Crowd at Town Hall in Louisiana Boos Opening Prayer
  363. Feb 24, 2017Texas Conservatives Take on Transgender Restroom Fight
  364. Feb 24, 2017Central African Republic Tries to Curb Religious War Crimes
  365. Feb 24, 2017Will High Court Still Hear Transgender Restroom Case?
  366. Feb 24, 2017Setbacks for Planned Parenthood Defunding Effort in Texas, Virginia
  367. Feb 24, 2017Wife of Gospel Singer Kirk Franklin: ‘Counseling and Prayer Saved Our Marriage’
  368. Feb 24, 2017Sen. James Lankford Says Religious Freedom Must be for All Faiths
  369. Feb 24, 2017Mayor of Vancouver Wants to Remove Franklin Graham as Lead Speaker at Festival
  370. Feb 24, 2017VP Mike Pence at CPAC: ‘We Need Your Prayers’
  371. Feb 24, 2017Family Christian Stores Closing after 85 Years
  372. Feb 24, 2017Christians in the Pew and Pulpit Diverge over Trump Policies on Refugees
  373. Feb 24, 2017Steven Spielberg Movie to Examine Notorious Catholic Kidnapping of Jewish Boy
  374. Feb 24, 2017American Missionary Given 40-Year Prison Sentence for Sexually Abusing Children
  375. Feb 24, 2017CNN Anchor Calls Parents Concerned about Restroom Bills ‘Overprotective’ and ‘Intolerant’
  376. Feb 24, 2017Facebook Reportedly Suspended Christian Mom after She Posted Bible Verses on Homosexuality
  377. Feb 23, 2017Daughter of Martyred Missionary Jim Elliot: ‘His Life was Not Wasted’
  378. Feb 23, 2017Kay Warren Shares Prophetic Vision She Received after Son’s Death
  379. Feb 23, 2017Iraqi Forces Retake Mosul Airport Runway from ISIS
  380. Feb 23, 2017Christian Leaders Divided over Repeal of Transgender Bathroom Directive
  381. Feb 23, 2017Pro-Life Teen Criticizes Teen Magazine for Treating Abortion as ‘No Big Deal’
  382. Feb 23, 2017Trump Administration Rescinds Transgender Bathroom Directive
  383. Feb 22, 2017Atheist Teacher under Investigation for Calling Christian Students Stupid
  384. Feb 22, 2017Christian Website Claims World Will End in 2017
  385. Feb 22, 2017‘Fixer-Upper’ Stars Consider Moving from Home State of Texas
  386. Feb 22, 2017Trump Administration Wants to Do Away with Transgender Bathroom Directive
  387. Feb 22, 2017Virginia Gov. Vetoes Bill Defunding Planned Parenthood
  388. Feb 22, 2017Pennsylvania School District to Remove Ten Commandments Monument
  389. Feb 22, 2017Company Releases First Transgender Doll
  390. Feb 21, 2017Woman behind Roe v. Wade, Who Later Became Pro-Life Advocate, Dies
  391. Feb 21, 2017First Lady Melania Trump Harshly Criticized for Recitation of the Lord’s Prayer
  392. Feb 21, 2017South Sudan in Crisis: 5 Million Face Starvation
  393. Feb 21, 2017Woman Who Helped Rescue Police Officer from Attack: ‘I Did What God Needed Me to Do’
  394. Feb 21, 2017Fox Developing Show with Queen Latifah about Modern-Day Bible Stories
  395. Feb 21, 2017Trump Administration Preparing to Roll Out Revised Travel Ban
  396. Feb 21, 2017ISIS Says Previous Attacks against Egyptian Christians Were ‘Only the Beginning’
  397. Feb 21, 2017Sudan Orders Demolition of at Least 25 Church Buildings, Christian Leaders Say
  398. Feb 20, 2017Georgia Settles with Doctor in Religious Freedom Case
  399. Feb 20, 2017A Prayerful Protest: Protesters Gather outside Planned Parenthood Clinics Nationwide
  400. Feb 20, 2017Churches Respond to Boy Scouts Transgender Policy
  401. Feb 20, 2017Boy Scouts Christian Alternative Sees Uptick after Transgender Decision
  402. Feb 17, 2017Egypt: Christian Schoolteacher Gunned Down by Suspected ISIS Militants
  403. Feb 17, 2017Sanctuary Churches Welcome Immigrants, Despite Possible Backlash from Trump Administration
  404. Feb 17, 2017Franklin Graham Has Harsh Words for Transgenders, Says ‘Jesus Wasn’t Real Loving Sometimes’
  405. Feb 17, 2017House of Reps Votes to Allow States to Decide Whether to Fund Planned Parenthood
  406. Feb 17, 2017South Dakota and Virginia Declare Porn a Public Health Crisis
  407. Feb 17, 2017Washington State Supreme Court Rules against Christian Florist in Gay Marriage Case
  408. Feb 17, 2017Washington State Supreme Court Rules against Christian Florist in Gay Marriage Case
  409. Feb 16, 2017Church of England Clergy Hold Chaotic Vote in Gay Marriage Debate
  410. Feb 16, 2017Many Military Families Face Tough Times and Even Homelessness
  411. Feb 16, 2017New Research: Americans Holding Less Favorable View of Evangelicals
  412. Feb 16, 2017Hillsong is Opening a Church in Israel
  413. Feb 16, 2017Obamacare Replacement Bill Introduced by Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Mark Sanford
  414. Feb 16, 2017Ashton Kutcher Testifies before Congress about Horrors of Sex-Trafficking
  415. Feb 15, 2017Saeed Abedini Sentenced to Jail for Violating Restraining Order
  416. Feb 15, 2017Britney Spears Quotes Bible Verse after Being Mocked by Katy Perry
  417. Feb 15, 2017Trump Retains LGBT State Department Official, Frustrating Christian Conservatives
  418. Feb 15, 2017India: Christian Couple Who Refused to Deny Christ Forced to Stand in Freezing Pond for 17 Hours
  419. Feb 15, 2017U.S. Panel Endorses Genetically Modified ‘Designer Babies’
  420. Feb 15, 2017Oklahoma Bill Would Force Women Seeking Abortions to Obtain Permission from Baby’s Father
  421. Feb 15, 2017522 People Arrested in Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Crackdown
  422. Feb 15, 2017Petition for Trump to Sign Religious Freedom Order Gets 107,000 Signatures in a Week
  423. Feb 14, 2017Chris Pratt: Wooden Tray with Philippians 4:13 is ‘My Favorite Thing I Have’
  424. Feb 14, 2017Seminary President Evaluates President Trump’s First Weeks in Office
  425. Feb 14, 2017Poll: 7 out of 10 Americans Support Pro-Life ‘Heartbeat’ Bill
  426. Feb 14, 2017Franklin Graham Says Samaritan’s Purse Hospital is Helping Injured ISIS Fighters
  427. Feb 14, 2017Three Months Ago, This Middle East Expert Presented His Grave Concerns about Now-Ousted General Michael Flynn
  428. Feb 14, 2017Trump and Netanyahu Will Meet on Wednesday to Discuss Iran Deal, Israeli Settlements
  429. Feb 14, 2017Michael Flynn Resigns as National Security Adviser Amid Russia Controversy
  430. Feb 13, 2017Marco Rubio Condemns Human Rights Abuses in China
  431. Feb 13, 2017Seattle Seahawks Player Refuses to Join Other Athletes on Israel Trip
  432. Feb 13, 2017California: Nearly 200,000 Residents under Evacuation Orders as Dam Threatens to Break
  433. Feb 13, 2017Tim Tebow Hosts Night to Shine, Impacting 75,000 Disabled Young People
  434. Feb 13, 2017Christian Artists Joey and Rory Feek Win Grammy Award for Album Recorded Right before Joey’s Death
  435. Feb 13, 2017Christian Artist Chance the Rapper Wins ‘Best New Artist’ at the Grammys
  436. Feb 10, 20178 Presidents Who Looked to God for Guidance
  437. Feb 10, 2017Young Professionals Helping to Reach Central Asia for Christ
  438. Feb 10, 2017CBS Making Sitcom Called ‘Living Biblically’
  439. Feb 10, 2017Poll: Majority of Religious Americans Support Gay Marriage
  440. Feb 10, 2017Pediatricians Group Affirms Support for Teen Abortion
  441. Feb 10, 2017Elderly Patients at Risk of Forced Starvation in Oregon
  442. Feb 10, 2017Hawaii Pro-Life Centers Fight Abortion Referral Mandate
  443. Feb 10, 2017Trump Sends Mixed Messages on Religious Liberty
  444. Feb 10, 2017New Research Debunks the ‘Ball and Chain’ Myth
  445. Feb 10, 2017Case Involving Rights of Christian Counselors May Reach Supreme Court
  446. Feb 10, 2017Court Rules against Travel Ban, Trump Responds over Twitter
  447. Feb 10, 2017Senate Confirms Pro-Life Tom Price for Health and Human Services Secretary
  448. Feb 9, 2017Christians Have a Notable Presence at Sundance Film Festival
  449. Feb 9, 2017Blind Woman Says She Now Can See after Visiting Church
  450. Feb 9, 201712th Dead Sea Scrolls Cave is Discovered
  451. Feb 9, 2017Samaritan’s Purse Brings Aid to Victims of Louisiana Tornado Outbreak
  452. Feb 9, 2017Study: Church Worship Spaces Empty Nearly 70 Percent of the Week
  453. Feb 9, 2017Putin is Again Bombing Ukraine: Will Evangelicals Call on Trump to Take Action?
  454. Feb 9, 2017Jeff Sessions is Confirmed as Attorney General
  455. Feb 9, 2017Planned Parenthood Caught Offering Incentives for Abortion
  456. Feb 9, 2017UK Parents Win Millions of Dollars in ‘Wrongful Birth’ Lawsuit
  457. Feb 8, 2017Evangelical Leaders Buy Full-Page Ad to Condemn Trump’s Travel Ban
  458. Feb 8, 2017Protests to Take Place at 200 Planned Parenthood Clinics This Weekend
  459. Feb 8, 2017Betsy DeVos Confirmed as Education Secretary; Pence Casts Deciding Vote
  460. Feb 8, 2017Puerto Rican Baptists Boycott Franklin Graham Rally Due to His Support for Trump Travel Ban
  461. Feb 8, 2017Paul Ryan: Obamacare Repeal Will Happen ‘This Year’
  462. Feb 7, 20175 Faith Facts about Betsy DeVos
  463. Feb 7, 2017What is the Free Speech Fairness Act?
  464. Feb 7, 2017Nigerian Soldiers Prevent Suicide Attack, Save Life of Suicide Bomber
  465. Feb 7, 2017Abortion Survivor Shares Story of Forgiveness and Healing in New Book
  466. Feb 7, 2017Former Gay Activist Shares How He Came to Faith
  467. Feb 7, 2017Pastor Argues That Defunding Planned Parenthood Could Hurt Churches
  468. Feb 7, 2017Singer Sufjan Stevens Declares America is Not a ‘Christian Nation’
  469. Feb 7, 2017Poll: 7 in 10 Democrats Believe Christianity is as Violent as Islam
  470. Feb 7, 2017Syrian Government Brutally Killed 13,000 in 4 Years, According to Amnesty International Report
  471. Feb 7, 2017Senate Tied 50-50 on DeVos Vote, Dems Stage All-Night Effort to Block Confirmation
  472. Feb 7, 2017Zimbabwe: Trump Administration Condemns Human Rights Abuses of Mugabe’s Regime
  473. Feb 7, 2017Pastor Perry Noble Delivers First Message Since Being Fired for Alcohol Abuse
  474. Feb 6, 2017In Kenya, a Pastor Fights Female Genital Mutilation with the Gospel
  475. Feb 6, 2017Bible Study Group Saves Woman from Being Kidnapped
  476. Feb 6, 2017Mississippi Town Protests after Mayor is Forced to Take Down Christian Flag
  477. Feb 6, 2017Trump on Obamacare Repeal: ‘Maybe It’ll Take Till Sometime into Next Year’
  478. Feb 6, 2017Trump’s Stance on LGBT Order Stuns Religious Liberty Advocates
  479. Feb 6, 2017Canadian Study Touts Euthanasia’s Cost ‘Benefit’
  480. Feb 6, 2017New Planned Parenthood Videos Get Lawmakers’ Attention
  481. Feb 6, 2017Pakistani Christian Accused of Blasphemy out on Bail after Three Years in Prison
  482. Feb 6, 2017Author Lee Strobel on ‘The Case for Christ,’ Now a Movie
  483. Feb 6, 2017Street Preacher Arrested, Accused of Hate Crime after Sharing Scripture with Gay Teen
  484. Feb 6, 2017U.S. Court of Appeals Halts Trump’s Travel Ban
  485. Feb 3, 2017Conservative Actors Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn to Star in New Movie
  486. Feb 3, 2017Tennessee County under Fire for Refusing to Approve Grant Money for Planned Parenthood
  487. Feb 3, 2017Atheist Group Files Complaint against School after Pastor Prays with Injured Student
  488. Feb 3, 2017New York Times Leaves Book about Notorious Abortion Doctor off Bestseller List
  489. Feb 3, 2017Siberian Man Builds Orthodox Church out of Snow
  490. Feb 3, 2017Trump Vows to Let Churches Engage in Politics
  491. Feb 3, 2017In a New Video, Pope Francis Urges Compassion for Refugees, People on the Margins
  492. Feb 3, 2017Senate Considers Bill Restricting Underage Girls from Getting Abortions without Parental Consent
  493. Feb 3, 2017Christian Actor Terry Crews to Host Movieguide Awards
  494. Feb 2, 2017New Museum Exploring Bible’s Impact on Founding of America to Open in Philly
  495. Feb 2, 2017Christian Healthcare Companies Wonder about Their Future after Obamacare Repeal
  496. Feb 2, 2017Two Republicans Oppose Besty DeVos, Making Her Confirmation Difficult
  497. Feb 2, 2017Trump Reportedly Preparing to Issue Executive Order Protecting Religious Freedom
  498. Feb 2, 201770 Evangelical Leaders Meet with U.S. Ambassador to Israel
  499. Feb 2, 2017President Trump Speaks at National Prayer Breakfast: ‘This World Is in Trouble’
  500. Feb 2, 2017Trump and Pence Prayed with Gorsuch before His Nomination
  501. Feb 2, 2017‘Evangelicals are Ecstatic’: Reactions to Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch
  502. Feb 2, 2017Homeless Find Rest in Faith-Based Shelters More Than Others
  503. Feb 1, 2017SBC Leader Sends Letter to President Trump about Refugee Order
  504. Feb 1, 2017Denzel Washington at Screen Actors Guild Awards: ‘I’m a God-fearing Man’
  505. Feb 1, 2017Liam Neeson Says Film ‘Silence’ Impacted His Faith
  506. Feb 1, 2017Jill Duggar Dillard Announces Gender of Second Child
  507. Feb 1, 2017Jerry Falwell Jr. to Lead Trump’s Higher Education Reform Task Force
  508. Feb 1, 20175 Faith Facts on Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch
  509. Feb 1, 2017Trump Nominates Judge Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court, Dems Planning to Block Confirmation
  510. Jan 31, 2017The Top 11 Christian Films of 2016
  511. Jan 31, 2017Trump Leaves LGBTQ Work Protections in Place
  512. Jan 31, 20175 Faith Facts on Trump’s Presumed Favorites for Supreme Court
  513. Jan 31, 2017Severe Drought Brings Starving Kenyans to Church Doorsteps
  514. Jan 31, 2017Commentator Says Church Should Sever Ties with Boy Scouts over Transgender Policy
  515. Jan 31, 2017Women’s March Given 3 Times More Coverage Than March for Life
  516. Jan 31, 2017Arab Church Leaders Respond to Trump Travel Ban
  517. Jan 31, 2017Trump Ban Will Hurt Christian Refugees Fleeing Conflict, Say Iraqi Catholic Leaders
  518. Jan 31, 2017Does God Give a Holy Hoot about the Super Bowl?
  519. Jan 30, 2017Seattle Seahawks Assistant Coach Leaving Job to Pursue Full-time Ministry
  520. Jan 30, 2017New Mexico: Abortion Clinic Shuts Down after Pro-Life Advocates Launch Prayer Initiative
  521. Jan 30, 2017Nigerian Bishop Urges Christians to Buy a Sword to Defend Themselves against Islamic Extremists
  522. Jan 30, 2017Czech Aid Worker, Sudanese Pastor and Darfur Christian Sentenced to Prison in Sudan
  523. Jan 30, 2017Trump to Announce Supreme Court Pick Tuesday (Jan. 31)
  524. Jan 30, 2017Shooting at Canadian Mosque Kills 6, is Deemed Terrorism
  525. Jan 30, 2017March for Life Buoyant over Trump’s Anti-Abortion Promises
  526. Jan 30, 2017Controversial Trump Immigration Ban Sparks Protests at U.S. Airports
  527. Jan 27, 2017Bibles for China Renewing Efforts for Chinese New Year
  528. Jan 27, 2017First Baby Girl Born with Three Parents
  529. Jan 27, 2017One-Third of Colorado Hospitals Opt Out of Assisted Suicide
  530. Jan 27, 2017National Study Finds Little Proof of Pot’s Medical Benefits
  531. Jan 27, 2017Pro-life Tsunami Floods State Legislatures
  532. Jan 27, 2017Church of England Clergy Hold Firm to Orthodox Views on Gay Marriage
  533. Jan 27, 2017Somalia: Even Those Suspected of Being Christians Face Execution
  534. Jan 27, 2017Vice President Mike Pence Will Speak at March for Life: First VP Ever to Do So
  535. Jan 27, 2017World Relief President on Trump’s Refugee Ban: ‘Security and Compassion Not Mutually Exclusive’
  536. Jan 27, 2017Netanyahu Warns Israel’s Enemies They Will End Up in the ‘Ash Bin’ of History
  537. Jan 27, 2017Pastors’ Views on Social Issues? Americans Not Interested
  538. Jan 26, 2017Remembering Mary Tyler Moore: 5 of Her Greatest Quotes
  539. Jan 26, 2017Morgan Freeman Discusses Heaven and Hell in ‘The Story of God’
  540. Jan 26, 2017Atlantic Article Argues Pro-Lifers Use Ultrasounds for Political Purposes
  541. Jan 26, 2017Aleppo: Church Working to Restore Hope by Providing Aid and Encouraging Families
  542. Jan 26, 2017Trump Says ISIS Should Face Torture for Persecuting Christians
  543. Jan 26, 2017New Jersey to Give Parents ‘Baby Boxes’ for Newborns
  544. Jan 26, 2017Franklin Graham Defends Trump’s Ban of Refugees
  545. Jan 26, 2017Amy Grant’s Daughter Donates Kidney to Best Friend
  546. Jan 26, 2017John Piper Prays for Trump to ‘Have Humility and Ask Forgiveness’
  547. Jan 26, 2017President Trump Confronts ABC Reporter about Lack of March for Life Coverage
  548. Jan 26, 2017Spanish Soccer Team Won’t Feature Cross Logo while in Middle East
  549. Jan 26, 2017Christ is Being Brought to China through a Musical Based on the Life of Ruth
  550. Jan 25, 2017Former Abortionist: ‘We Have to Use Compassion’ When Dealing with Abortion Workers
  551. Jan 25, 2017Undercover Video Shows Planned Parenthood Employees Refusing Prenatal Care Services
  552. Jan 25, 2017U.S. Missionary Working to Get Russia’s Anti-Evangelism Law Overturned
  553. Jan 25, 2017Banking Committee Approves Ben Carson for Housing and Urban Development Position
  554. Jan 25, 2017Trump Expected to Enact Ban on Syrian Refugees, Excluding Christians
  555. Jan 25, 2017U.S. Missionary Hopes to Get Russia’s Anti-Evangelism Law Overturned
  556. Jan 25, 2017U.S. House Votes to Ban Taxpayer Dollars from Funding Abortion
  557. Jan 24, 2017London Synagogue Provides Home for Refugee Family
  558. Jan 24, 2017London Synagogue Provides Home for Refugee Family
  559. Jan 24, 2017Charity MAP International Providing Aid to Syrian Refugees in Jordan
  560. Jan 24, 2017Obama Administration Released $221 Million to Palestinian Authority in Final Hours in Office
  561. Jan 24, 2017Pastor and Wife Who Tragically Lost Sons Now Expecting Twins
  562. Jan 24, 2017Pro-Life Activist and Father of 7 Dies in Drowning Accident
  563. Jan 24, 2017Judge Neil Gorsuch Top Contender for Supreme Court Nomination
  564. Jan 23, 2017Did Mike Pence Really Sign a Law Allowing Businesses to Discriminate against Gay People?
  565. Jan 23, 2017Washington State: School District Reverses Decision, Allows Evangelism
  566. Jan 23, 2017Russell Moore Praises Trump’s Decision to Reinstate Pro-life Mexico City Policy
  567. Jan 23, 2017Did the Women’s March Miss the Main Point? Wisdom from Dr. Alveda King
  568. Jan 23, 2017Archbishop of Canterbury Intervenes to Prevent Deportation of Iraqi Christian Refugee
  569. Jan 23, 2017Marco Rubio in Spotlight as Senate Holds Confirmation Vote for Rex Tillerson
  570. Jan 23, 2017Congress Tees up Obamacare Repeal
  571. Jan 23, 2017At Least 19 Killed in Floods, Tornadoes in Southern States
  572. Jan 23, 2017Israel Prepares to Build Hundreds of New Settlements Despite Opposition
  573. Jan 23, 2017The Deadly Link Between Organ Donation and Assisted Suicide
  574. Jan 23, 2017European Court Rules Russian Adoption Ban Discriminatory
  575. Jan 23, 2017Myanmar’s Military Accused of Abducting Baptist Pastors
  576. Jan 21, 20179 Myths Surrounding Abortion Rights and Roe v. Wade
  577. Jan 21, 2017China: 6 Christian Women Face Charges for Holding Bible Study
  578. Jan 20, 2017Nigeria: Boko Haram Attacks Refugee Camp, Killing up to 170
  579. Jan 20, 2017Robert Jeffress Challenges President Trump to Seek God’s Strength
  580. Jan 20, 2017Donald Trump Sworn in as 45th President
  581. Jan 20, 2017Studies Show Humble Clergy Members Have Healthier Congregations
  582. Jan 20, 2017China: 6 Christian Women Face Charges for Holding Bible Study
  583. Jan 20, 2017Pastor Calls for Prayer for Gambia in Wake of Political Unrest
  584. Jan 20, 2017Jerusalem’s Mayor Posts Video Praising Trump, Criticizing Obama
  585. Jan 20, 2017Planned Parenthood Performs 35 Percent of U.S. Abortions
  586. Jan 20, 2017Polls Show U.S. is Divided Yet Optimistic at Start of Trump Presidency
  587. Jan 19, 20179 Myths Surrounding Abortion Rights and Roe v. Wade
  588. Jan 19, 2017France: Christian Persecution Up 38 Percent
  589. Jan 19, 2017Evangelical Leaders Hold Special Prayer Event before Inauguration
  590. Jan 19, 2017Clarence Thomas Will be First African-American to Administer Oath of Office
  591. Jan 19, 2017Columnist Says Media Ignores Role of Faith in the NFL
  592. Jan 19, 2017Democrats Try to Vilify Education Secretary Nominee Betsy DeVos
  593. Jan 19, 2017Christians Gather at Site of Jesus’ Baptism, Despite Threat of Landmines
  594. Jan 19, 2017Sanctuary Congregations Have Doubled Since Trump Election, Say Faith Leaders
  595. Jan 19, 2017Italy: Avalanche Buries 30, Rescuers Working to Dig People Out
  596. Jan 19, 2017U.S. Carries out Airstrikes against ISIS Camps in Libya
  597. Jan 19, 2017Chaldean Archbishop Urges Iraqi Catholics to Stay and Help Rebuild
  598. Jan 18, 2017Former President George H.W. Bush Health Scare: Hospitalized for Shortness of Breath
  599. Jan 18, 2017Video Shows Kidnapped Christian Missionary Alive One Year after Capture
  600. Jan 18, 2017Abortions Have Hit Record Lows: Pro-life Laws Saving More Babies
  601. Jan 18, 2017Why We Need Church When Our Lives are Messy
  602. Jan 18, 2017Trump to Be Sworn in on 2 Bibles: Abraham Lincoln’s and His Own
  603. Jan 18, 2017The Top 10 Countries Where Christian Persecution is Most Severe
  604. Jan 18, 2017Christian Persecution Increasing in Russia
  605. Jan 18, 2017Nigerian Army Kills Refugees and Aid Workers in Air Strikes Aimed at Boko Haram
  606. Jan 18, 2017Did God Choose Trump? What it Means to Believe in Divine Intervention
  607. Jan 17, 2017Jessa Duggar Seewald Donates Baby Shower Gifts to Pro-Life Pregnancy Center
  608. Jan 17, 2017108-Year-Old Woman is Able to Keep Home, Thanks to $56,000 Raised by Strangers
  609. Jan 17, 2017Chaplains Told to Choose Army over God
  610. Jan 17, 2017Syrians Converting to Christianity Despite Persecution
  611. Jan 17, 2017Muslim Group Says Franklin Graham Shouldn’t Speak at Inauguration
  612. Jan 17, 2017Top Divinity Schools Tell Professors to Refer to God with Gender-Neutral Language
  613. Jan 17, 2017Women’s March on Washington Removes Pro-Life Group from List of Sponsors
  614. Jan 17, 2017Actor Andrew Garfield Discovers Deep Love of Jesus through New Film ‘Silence’
  615. Jan 16, 2017Megachurch Pastor Eddie Long Dies
  616. Jan 16, 2017Be the Bridge Founder Latasha Morrison Says the Church is the Best Hope for Racial Reconciliation
  617. Jan 16, 2017‘American Ninja Warrior’ Contestant Inspired by Bible Verse to Save Stranger’s Life
  618. Jan 16, 2017StemExpress Drops Effort to Quash Planned Parenthood Video
  619. Jan 16, 2017Kentucky Adopts 20-Week Abortion Ban, Ultrasound Bill
  620. Jan 16, 2017University Settles with Christian Counseling Student
  621. Jan 16, 2017Terror Group Releases Video of Kidnapped Missionary
  622. Jan 16, 2017Religious Liberty Group Taps Homeschool Advocate as CEO
  623. Jan 16, 2017Statistics Show Divorce Rates Spike in January
  624. Jan 16, 2017Trump to Meet with Son of Martin Luther King Jr. in Honor of MLK Day
  625. Jan 16, 2017Texas Lawmaker Proposes Bill That Would Make Abortion Illegal in the State
  626. Jan 16, 2017Israeli Supporters Protest Meeting of World Leaders Committed to Two-State Solution
  627. Jan 13, 201710 Christian People Who Went Home to Be with the Lord in 2016
  628. Jan 13, 2017Open Letter from Bush Daughters Aims to Impart Wisdom and Advice to Obama Daughters
  629. Jan 13, 2017The Surprising Response of Victims’ Families to the Violent Actions of Church Shooter Dylann Roof
  630. Jan 13, 2017World Leaders Will Meet to Discuss Arab-Israeli Conflict
  631. Jan 13, 2017Thousands Push Back against the UK’s Plan to Have Government Inspect Sunday Schools
  632. Jan 13, 2017Abortionist Becomes Pro-Life Advocate after Having Haunting Dream of Babies He Killed
  633. Jan 13, 2017Pakistan’s Strict Blasphemy Laws to be Debated by Senate Committee
  634. Jan 13, 2017Major Policy Change: Cuban Migrants No Longer Allowed Asylum in U.S.
  635. Jan 13, 2017Bethlehem Shrine’s Treasures Being Restored
  636. Jan 13, 2017California Inmate Receives Gender Reassignment at Taxpayer Expense
  637. Jan 13, 2017‘Wolf Moon’ and Brightness of Venus Cause Apocalyptic Predictions
  638. Jan 12, 2017Evangelical Leaders Refuse to Compromise on LGBT Rights
  639. Jan 12, 2017The Top 10 Stories of 2016 Christians Should Know About
  640. Jan 12, 2017Could Netflix Drive Out Porn-Viewing in Hotels?
  641. Jan 12, 2017Senate Begins Process of Repealing Obamacare
  642. Jan 12, 2017Christian Couple Announces Pregnancy in Viral YouTube Video
  643. Jan 12, 2017Tennessee: Lawmaker Pushing to Have ‘In God We Trust’ on License Plates
  644. Jan 12, 2017Senate Holds Contentious Hearing for Secretary of State Nominee Rex Tillerson
  645. Jan 12, 2017How TV Star Patricia Heaton’s Faith Has Helped Her Flourish and Help Others
  646. Jan 11, 2017What Does ‘La La Land’ Have to Say about Biblical Love?
  647. Jan 11, 2017Is Trump Tweeting Himself into a Hole? Many Wonder if It’s Time to Muzzle the Next POTUS’s Social Media Voice
  648. Jan 11, 2017Christian in Algeria Sentenced to Prison for Cartoons on Facebook
  649. Jan 11, 2017Why Should Taxpayers Defund Planned Parenthood? Here are 10 Reasons
  650. Jan 11, 2017Dylann Roof Given Death Penalty in Charleston Church Shooting Trial
  651. Jan 11, 2017Top 50 Countries Where Persecution of Christians Is Strongest: Open Doors’ 2017 World Watch List is Released
  652. Jan 11, 2017Missouri School District Bans Middle School Bible Studies
  653. Jan 11, 2017Nigeria: Pastor Remains Strong in Faith Despite Boko Haram Burning Down Church
  654. Jan 11, 2017Concerns Mount that Clergyman in Burma Have Been Killed
  655. Jan 11, 2017Operation Blessing’s ‘Snow Buddies’ Program Helping Seniors Deal with Blizzard Aftermath
  656. Jan 11, 2017Missouri Street Preacher Arrested for Violating Noise Ordinance
  657. Jan 10, 2017Poll: Majority of Americans Support Repealing and Replacing Obamacare
  658. Jan 10, 2017Sessions Says He Will Follow Supreme Court Decisions on Gay Marriage and Abortion
  659. Jan 10, 20175,000 Jews Emigrate to Israel Following Terror Attacks in France
  660. Jan 10, 2017Lesbian Couple Become Pastors of Historic Baptist Church
  661. Jan 10, 2017Senate Holds Confirmation Hearings for Trump’s Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions
  662. Jan 10, 2017Four Arrests for Copt Cathedral Bombing Which Killed 28; Also Sisi Promises New ‘Megachurch’ for 2018
  663. Jan 9, 2017Beth Moore Calls Young Christians to Embrace Both Truth and Love
  664. Jan 9, 2017Jerusalem: Terror Attack by Possible ISIS Sympathizer Kills 4
  665. Jan 9, 2017Planned Parenthood Backers Seek to Rally Support in Wake of Possible Defunding
  666. Jan 9, 2017Using ‘Jesus’ as Password Online is Not Safe
  667. Jan 9, 2017Iraq: Teenage Boy Shares Struggle of Being a Christian in ISIS-Controlled Area
  668. Jan 9, 2017Meryl Streep Uses Golden Globes Speech to Call out Donald Trump
  669. Jan 9, 2017Gospel Singer Carman to Release New Song about Trump and the Election
  670. Jan 9, 2017Franklin Graham Criticizes VA Gov. for Saying He Will Veto 20-Week Abortion Ban
  671. Jan 6, 2017Iowa Church Transformed and Revived by Outreach to Refugees
  672. Jan 6, 2017Judge Rules Covernment Cannot Mandate Sex Change Coverage
  673. Jan 6, 2017Clapper: No Doubt Russia Influenced U.S. Election
  674. Jan 6, 2017Al-Shabaab on Bombing Spree in Somalia
  675. Jan 6, 2017Pro-lifers Look Forward to 2017
  676. Jan 6, 2017Will the GOP Unite to Defund Planned Parenthood?
  677. Jan 6, 2017Morning Star News’ Top 10 Persecution Stories of 2016
  678. Jan 6, 2017Christian Mother of Disabled Boy: ‘God is Faithful through the Difficult Times’
  679. Jan 6, 20171000 Days: 24th Chibok Girl to be Freed Leaves 195 of 276 Still Missing
  680. Jan 6, 2017China: Detained Christian Pastor Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison
  681. Jan 6, 2017Wife of Former Megachurch Pastor Pete Wilson Files for Divorce
  682. Jan 6, 20175 Killed, 8 Wounded in Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting
  683. Jan 6, 2017Christian Ministry Seeks to Help Sex-Trafficked North Korean Women
  684. Jan 6, 2017Billy Graham Gives Advice on How to Respond to False Prophets
  685. Jan 6, 2017Speaker Paul Ryan Confirms Defunding Planned Parenthood is Part of New Budget Bill
  686. Jan 6, 2017A Partnership with Martin Scorsese Gives This Evangelical Artist a Wider Exposure
  687. Jan 6, 2017What is Epiphany?
  688. Jan 5, 2017Get the Girl to Do It: The Important Message of ‘Hidden Figures’
  689. Jan 5, 2017What You Need to Know about Trump’s Cabinet Picks
  690. Jan 5, 2017House Select Panel on Infant Lives Releases Findings
  691. Jan 5, 2017The Story of How Chris Pratt Found Jesus
  692. Jan 5, 2017Senate Takes First Step to Defund Planned Parenthood
  693. Jan 5, 2017Over 2,400 Faith Leaders Request Meeting with Trump to Discuss ‘Moral Agenda’
  694. Jan 5, 2017Over 2,400 Faith Leaders Request Meeting with Trump to Discuss ‘Moral Agenda’
  695. Jan 5, 2017Pakistan: Pastor Arrested for Allegedly Disrespecting the Quran
  696. Jan 5, 2017Christian Woman in Eastern Uganda Coerced into Taking Poison
  697. Jan 5, 2017Nigerian Human Rights Commission Calls on President to Stop ‘Callous’ Kaduna Killings
  698. Jan 4, 2017Ellen DeGeneres: Gospel Singer Kim Burrell Will Not Appear on Show Due to Views on Homosexuality
  699. Jan 4, 2017Retired Ugandan Bishop Seeks Restorative Justice for Former Child Soldiers
  700. Jan 4, 2017New Video of Kidnapped Priest Raises Hopes, Concerns
  701. Jan 4, 2017Should Christians be Concerned about Paula White Speaking at Trump’s Inauguration?
  702. Jan 4, 2017Fixer Upper’s Chip Gaines Speaks Out: ‘We Refuse to Be Baited’
  703. Jan 4, 2017Billy Graham Named among 10 Most Admired Men for a Record 60th Time
  704. Jan 4, 2017Man in Custody for Allegedly Stabbing 2 People and Setting Fire to NH Church
  705. Jan 4, 2017Court Strikes Down Transgender Mandate, Protecting Freedom of Conscience
  706. Jan 4, 2017VA Gov. Terry McAuliffe Vows to Veto Bill Banning Abortion at 20-Weeks
  707. Jan 4, 2017Orthodox Jews Attempt to Reclaim Part of Western Wall Where Other Jews Pray
  708. Jan 4, 2017Religious Makeup of the New Congress Overwhelmingly Christian
  709. Jan 4, 2017Inauguration Speaker Franklin Graham: God Allowed Donald Trump to Win
  710. Jan 4, 2017Top 5 ‘Heresies’ of 2016: ‘One God,’ Biblical Authority and More
  711. Jan 3, 2017Dane Ortland: N.T. Wright’s Latest Book is ‘Spiritually Dangerous’
  712. Jan 3, 2017Alabama Supreme Court Rules Unborn Baby is a Person
  713. Jan 3, 2017Istanbul: 39 People Killed in Christian-Targeted New Year’s Eve Attack
  714. Jan 3, 2017China: Christian Woman Sentenced to Prison for Holding Bible Study
  715. Jan 3, 2017Austria: Woman Reading Bible in Refugee Camp is Stabbed by Angry Muslim Man
  716. Jan 3, 2017Actor Mark Wahlberg on His Faith and Being from Boston
  717. Jan 3, 2017Ancient Cross and Menorah Engraving Discovered in Israel
  718. Jan 3, 2017Survey: Majority of Americans Believe It’s OK to Live Together before Marriage
  719. Jan 3, 2017Actor Tyrese Gibson Celebrates Birthday by Thanking God
  720. Jan 3, 2017Sudanese Pastor Released, but Others Still Face Serious Charges
  721. Dec 30, 2016Christian Singer Lauren Daigle Performs on Good Morning America
  722. Dec 30, 2016Prosperity Gospel Televangelist Paula White to Pray at Trump’s Inauguration
  723. Dec 30, 2016Former Obama Administration Staffer Says Democrats Don’t Understand Religion
  724. Dec 30, 2016Open Doors 2017 World Watch List Shows Troubling Trends for Christian Persecution
  725. Dec 30, 2016Vice President Biden Reportedly Lobbied Foreign Leaders to Back Anti-Israel Resolution
  726. Dec 30, 2016Pro-Lifers Hopeful Their Cause Will Advance in 2017
  727. Dec 30, 2016Girlfriend Personalizes Entire Bible for Boyfriend’s Christmas Gift
  728. Dec 30, 2016Girlfriend Personalizes Entire Bible for Boyfriend’s Christmas Gift
  729. Dec 29, 2016Denzel Washington to Pastor T.D. Jakes: ‘I’m Here to Serve God’
  730. Dec 29, 2016Top 10 Bible-Related Archaeological Discoveries of 2016
  731. Dec 29, 2016The Six Clergy Members Who Will Preside over Trump’s Inauguration
  732. Dec 29, 2016Pro-Abortion Officials Attempt to Make St. Louis a ‘Sanctuary City’ with Easy Access to Abortion
  733. Dec 29, 2016Marco Rubio Accuses Obama Administration of ‘Denying Israel’s Right to Exist’
  734. Dec 29, 2016Jewish Woman Who Survived 3 Nazi Concentration Camps Shares Story of Faith
  735. Dec 29, 2016Franklin Graham Comments on Recent Celebrity Deaths
  736. Dec 29, 2016Egypt: Painting of Nativity Scene Predating Birth of Christ is Discovered
  737. Dec 28, 2016Study: Fastest Growing Churches Have Modern Worship, Teach Literal Bible Interpretation
  738. Dec 28, 2016Study on True Happiness Reveals Results Consistent with Scripture
  739. Dec 28, 2016Poll Reveals 5 Key Findings on Religion in the U.S.
  740. Dec 28, 2016Obama under Fire for Condemning Israeli Settlements in the West Bank
  741. Dec 28, 2016Norway: Church to Become Separate from State, Beginning Jan. 1
  742. Dec 27, 2016North Korea’s Kim Jung-un Forces Citizens to Celebrate Grandmother’s Birthday in Place of Christ’s Birth
  743. Dec 27, 2016North Korea’s Kim Jung-un Forces Citizens to Celebrate Grandmother’s Birthday in Place of Christ’s Birth
  744. Dec 27, 2016CA County That Prevented a Church from Meeting in a Barn Reverses Its Decision
  745. Dec 27, 2016Federal Judge Puts Baby Burial Rule on Hold
  746. Dec 27, 2016Supporters Rally to Russell Moore after Trump Criticism
  747. Dec 27, 2016Two NYC Siblings Use Their Christmas Tree Business to Help the Homeless
  748. Dec 27, 2016Nearly 100 ISIS Fighters Killed on Christmas in Battle for Mosul
  749. Dec 27, 2016ISIS Issues Hit List of U.S. Churches for Holiday Attacks
  750. Dec 27, 2016Authorities Foil Suspected Islamist Terror Attack in Melbourne, Australia
  751. Dec 27, 2016Blood, Rubble, Dust – and a Premonition: Cairo Church Bomb Survivors Remember Their Dead
  752. Dec 27, 2016Hanukkah Overlaps with Christmas This Year. But Why Not Every Year?
  753. Dec 27, 2016‘Jesus the Refugee’: Churches Connect Christmas Story to Refugee Crisis
  754. Dec 27, 2016Trump Continues Inaugural Prayer Service Tradition
  755. Dec 22, 2016Rick Warren Cautions against Over-Emphasis of Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman
  756. Dec 22, 2016Suspect in Christmas Market Massacre was Meant to be Deported
  757. Dec 22, 2016Christians Rally to Release Amercian Missionary Jailed in Turkey
  758. Dec 22, 2016School Production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ Cancelled over Line: ‘God Bless Us, Everyone’
  759. Dec 22, 2016Author Jon Acuff Under Fire for Support of Cancelling Church on Christmas
  760. Dec 21, 2016The Top 10 Stories of 2016 Christians Should Know About
  761. Dec 21, 20166 Pro-Life Priorities Christians Should Work for under Trump Administration
  762. Dec 21, 2016Actress Lena Dunham Says She Wishes She Had an Abortion
  763. Dec 21, 2016Reddit Users Share Their Supernatural Encounters with Angels
  764. Dec 21, 2016Texas Stops Funding Planned Parenthood through Medicaid
  765. Dec 21, 2016Not All Christians Are Happy about ‘The Shack’ Movie
  766. Dec 21, 2016Reality TV Star Heidi Montag Pratt Discusses Her Faith and Beauty Standards
  767. Dec 21, 2016Reality TV Star Heidi Montag Pratt Discusses Her Faith and Beauty Standards
  768. Dec 21, 2016Trump Not Afraid to Call out Radical Islam, Unlike President Obama
  769. Dec 21, 2016Christians Launch Campaign to Free U.S. Pastor Imprisoned in Turkey
  770. Dec 21, 2016Man Forgives Teens Who Started Fires That Killed His Wife and Daughters
  771. Dec 20, 2016Alleged Pro-Lifer Who Went against Pro-Life Movement is Defeated in Election
  772. Dec 20, 2016Berlin Attack Piles Pressure on Germany’s Merkel over Refugees
  773. Dec 20, 2016Russell Moore Responds to Southern Baptist Detractors
  774. Dec 20, 2016How Did the Wise Men Know to Follow the Star?
  775. Dec 20, 2016Liberty University Building $1 Million Shooting Range on Campus
  776. Dec 20, 2016Outgoing NC Gov. Pat McCrory Considers Rescinding ‘Bathroom Bill’
  777. Dec 20, 2016Aleppo: How it Became a City of Suffering and How We Can Help
  778. Dec 20, 2016Russian Ambassador Murdered in Turkey by Radical Muslim
  779. Dec 20, 2016Fewer Millennials Marrying and Attending Church
  780. Dec 20, 2016Berlin Attack: Death Toll up to 12, ISIS Claims Responsibility
  781. Dec 20, 2016Electors Cast Their Votes, Officially Bringing Trump to 270
  782. Dec 20, 2016‘No Christmas or Carol Singing’ Order in Santa Claus Homeland Turkey
  783. Dec 19, 2016Star Wars Actor Mark Hamil Wanted His Son’s Girlfriend to Have an Abortion
  784. Dec 19, 2016Transgender Girl on the Cover of National Geographic Sparks Controversy
  785. Dec 19, 2016Government Demands Family-Planning Gunds Go to Abortion Centers
  786. Dec 19, 2016Nigeria Says It Has Rescued Hundreds of Boko Haram Captives
  787. Dec 19, 2016Dylann Roof Found Guilty on All Counts
  788. Dec 19, 2016New Report Details Abortion Center Safety Violations
  789. Dec 19, 2016International Religious Freedom Bill Heads to Obama’s Desk
  790. Dec 19, 2016Berlin: Truck Rams into Christmas Market Shoppers, Killing 9, Injuring over 50
  791. Dec 19, 2016Muslim Refugees in UK are Having Visions and Dreams of Jesus
  792. Dec 19, 2016Porn Viewing Increases during Christmas Season
  793. Dec 19, 2016Bus Driver Buys Gloves and Hats for Students in Need
  794. Dec 19, 2016Female Rev. Claims Celebrating Virgin Mary Hurts Her as a Rape Survivor
  795. Dec 19, 2016Football Coach Gets Reprimanded for Kneeling to Pray with His Team
  796. Dec 19, 2016Drinking in Moderation Advocate, R.C. Sproul Jr., Arrested for DUI
  797. Dec 19, 2016Trump Says Franklin Graham ‘So Instrumental’ in His Victory
  798. Dec 16, 2016Iraq: Muslim Businessman Erects Giant Christmas Tree in Show of Solidarity with Christians
  799. Dec 16, 2016Football Coach Gets Reprimanded for Kneeling to Prayer with His Team
  800. Dec 16, 2016House Republicans Prepare to Craft Legislation to Repeal and Replace Obamacare
  801. Dec 16, 2016Survey: 9 out of 10 UK Evangelicals Will Give to Charity or Volunteer This Christmas Season
  802. Dec 16, 2016Sudanese Pastors Pressured to ‘Inform’ or Stand Trial
  803. Dec 15, 2016Senate Democrats Try to Block Confirmation of Trump’s EPA Pick
  804. Dec 15, 2016Can Christian Women and Men Be Just Friends?
  805. Dec 15, 2016Actress Nicole Scherzinger Almost Turned Down What May be the Role of Her Life, Due to Her Views on Abortion
  806. Dec 15, 2016Devastation of Liberated Iraqi Christian Towns Makes Return Home Seem Further Away Than Ever
  807. Dec 15, 2016Sean Hannity to Produce Faith-Based Film Featuring Actor Kevin Sorbo
  808. Dec 15, 2016Atheists File Lawsuit Claiming Tax-Exemptions for Pastors are Unconstitutional
  809. Dec 15, 2016Obama Administration Bans States from Defunding Planned Parenthood
  810. Dec 15, 2016France Will Soon Have a New Crime: Online Obstruction of Abortion
  811. Dec 15, 2016Texas Catholic Cemeteries Offer to Bury Fetal Remains at No Cost
  812. Dec 15, 2016Battle for Aleppo Nearing End, Civilians Being Evacuated
  813. Dec 15, 2016Franklin Graham Issues Urgent Call to Pray for Christian Gov. of Jakarta
  814. Dec 14, 2016Christian Couple Buy a Home with Life Savings, Then Give it to Refugees
  815. Dec 14, 2016Israeli Right Wing Leaders Have High Hopes for Relations with Trump Administration
  816. Dec 14, 20166-Year-Old Boy’s Birthday Request: To Have the Gospel Preached at His Party
  817. Dec 14, 2016Trump to be Invited to National Prayer Breakfast
  818. Dec 14, 20166-Yea-Old Boy’s Birthday Request: To Have the Gospel Preached at His Party
  819. Dec 14, 2016Ann Voskamp: From Giving Us One Thousand Gifts to Offering Three Ways to Be a Blessing in Aleppo
  820. Dec 14, 2016Muslim Women Speak out against Sharia Law
  821. Dec 14, 2016Study: 70 Percent of Evangelicals Don’t Believe in Evolution
  822. Dec 14, 2016Compassion International Weeks Away from Withdrawing Operations in India
  823. Dec 14, 2016Ohio Gov. Kasich Vetoes Anti-Abortion ‘Heartbeat’ Bill
  824. Dec 13, 2016Voice Contestant’s Rendition of ‘To Worship You I Live’ Makes it into Top 10
  825. Dec 13, 2016Most Christians Unlikely to Return to Mosul, Even after ISIS Defeat
  826. Dec 13, 2016Aleppo: More Than 80 Civilians Killed in Syrian Offensive
  827. Dec 13, 2016A Christian and a Jew Join Together for Medical Missions Program in Africa
  828. Dec 13, 2016‘We Have a Right to Build Churches’ Says Copt after Latest Attack
  829. Dec 13, 2016Coptic Christians in Egypt Mourn after Worst Church Bombing in Country’s History
  830. Dec 13, 2016Nine Members of Trump’s Cabinet Identify as Christians
  831. Dec 13, 2016Pastor Tells Children in Local Mall That Santa Claus Does Not Exist
  832. Dec 13, 2016England: Nurse Sues after Being Fired for Talking about Her Faith
  833. Dec 13, 2016China: Christians Preparing to Evangelize in North Korea Say They are Ready to Die for Christ
  834. Dec 13, 2016Emotions Swirl as Blasphemy Trial Begins in Indonesia
  835. Dec 13, 2016Romney Out, Exxon’s Tillerson In For Secretary of State Nomination
  836. Dec 12, 2016Slovakia Passes Law Banning Islam from Being a Recognized Religion
  837. Dec 12, 2016Actor Andrew Garfield Encounters God while Studying for Role as Jesuit Priest
  838. Dec 12, 2016CNN ‘Hero of the Year’ Says God Chose Him to Help Disabled Children
  839. Dec 12, 2016Egyptian Christians’ Strong Prayers after Deadly Attack: “God Protect Us and Your People from Evil”
  840. Dec 12, 2016Nigeria: Church Roof Collapses, Killing 160
  841. Dec 12, 2016New Mexico Officials Defy Court Order, Refuse to Remove Ten Commandments Monument
  842. Dec 12, 2016The Touching Story Behind Willie Nelson’s Christmas Song ‘Pretty Paper’
  843. Dec 12, 2016Iran: Church Retreat Center Confiscated for ‘Being Funded by CIA’
  844. Dec 12, 2016Egypt’s Copts Mourn after ‘Deadliest Attack in Recent Memory’
  845. Dec 9, 2016The Search for the Christmas Star
  846. Dec 9, 2016Washington Post Reporter Warns Evangelicals about Their Rhetoric against ‘The Media’
  847. Dec 9, 2016UPDATE: Turkey Jails US Pastor for ‘Terrorism’
  848. Dec 9, 2016Young Boys Being Indoctrinated by Boko Haram to Kill Their Christian Teachers
  849. Dec 9, 2016Reba McEntire Says God Helped Her through Painful Divorce: ‘God’s Way is the Best Way’
  850. Dec 9, 2016Mother Sues Abortionists for Misleading Consent Forms
  851. Dec 9, 2016Congress Passes First Bill Devoted to Fighting Boko Haram
  852. Dec 9, 2016African Conflicts Displaced More Than 2 Million People in 2015
  853. Dec 9, 2016Compassion International Faces Eviction from India
  854. Dec 9, 2016Former Astronaut John Glenn Dies
  855. Dec 9, 2016Huge Dust Storm Over Israeli Border Forms ‘Hand of God’ Protection from ISIS
  856. Dec 9, 2016Hostage Negotiator Who Helped Rescue Sherri Papini is a Member of Bethel Church
  857. Dec 9, 2016Senior Cleric Says British Government Has Failed Middle East Christians
  858. Dec 9, 2016Macy’s No Longer Gives Funds to Planned Parenthood
  859. Dec 8, 2016Christian Couple Thankful Their Conjoined Twins Survived Risky Surgery
  860. Dec 8, 2016Christian Couple Thankful Their Conjoined Twins Survived Risky Surgery
  861. Dec 8, 2016Christian Filmmakers Refuse to Provide Services for Gay Wedding
  862. Dec 8, 2016Living Nativity Scene on Display outside Supreme Court Building
  863. Dec 8, 2016Here’s What Trump Could Do Right Now to Help Christians in Sudan
  864. Dec 8, 2016Samaritan’s Purse Aids Victims of TN Wildfires
  865. Dec 8, 2016Christian Bishop Spearheads Movement That Saves over 200 Assyrian Christians from ISIS
  866. Dec 8, 2016Tim Tebow Blesses 89-Year-Old Woman with Surprise Visit
  867. Dec 8, 2016Pastor Robert Jeffress Says the Debate about Gay Marriage is Over
  868. Dec 7, 2016Christian Artists Natalie Grant, Shirley Caesar and Hillary Scott Nominated for Multiple Grammys
  869. Dec 7, 2016Crack-Down on Christians in Nepal Hits Snag as Eight Are Acquittted
  870. Dec 7, 2016Provide Gifts to Proclaim Freedom to the Captives with Christian Aid Mission’s Christmas Catalog
  871. Dec 7, 2016Indonesia: At Least 97 Killed in Devastating Earthquake
  872. Dec 7, 2016Bible Translators Face Opposition through Spiritual Warfare
  873. Dec 7, 2016Employees of Christian Healthcare Facilities in Danger of Losing Benefits
  874. Dec 7, 2016Publisher Refuses to Cancel Tullian Tchividjian Book Deal Despite Scandal
  875. Dec 7, 2016Ohio Passes Bill Banning Abortions after 6 Weeks
  876. Dec 6, 2016Jesus Vs. Santa Board Game Draws Criticism
  877. Dec 6, 2016Dec. 7 Marks 75th Anniversary of Attack on Pearl Harbor
  878. Dec 6, 2016Daughter of Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson Gets Married
  879. Dec 6, 2016Abortion Rate in NYC is 60 Percent of Birth Rate
  880. Dec 6, 2016Chip Gaines Tells Fans to Respect Buzzfeed Reporter
  881. Dec 6, 2016Gilmore Girls Creator: ‘If Show Continued, Rory Would Probably Have an Abortion’
  882. Dec 6, 2016Pastors and Friends of Tullian Tchividjian Say He is Permanently Disqualified from Ministry
  883. Dec 6, 2016Vietnam’s Law on Belief and Religion ‘Deeply Flawed’
  884. Dec 6, 2016YouTube Bans Prager U Video of Former Radical Muslim Denouncing Anti-Semitism
  885. Dec 6, 2016Turkey Post-Coup Crackdown Also Targets US Protestants
  886. Dec 5, 2016Christian Business Owners Face Jail Time for Refusing to Create Invitations for Same-Sex Wedding
  887. Dec 5, 2016John Kerry Blames Netanyahu for Lack of Progress in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  888. Dec 5, 2016Trump in Position to Stack Courts for Conservatives
  889. Dec 5, 2016Fewer Hotels Allowing Bibles in Rooms
  890. Dec 5, 2016British Baptists Call for Denominational Unity on Issue of Same-Sex Marriage
  891. Dec 5, 2016Why a Video of Kids Telling the Christmas Story is Captivating the Internet
  892. Dec 5, 2016Nick Cannon Says Planned Parenthood is ‘Real Genocide’
  893. Dec 5, 2016French Court Upholds Ban on Ad Featuring Children with Down Syndrome
  894. Dec 5, 2016Trump Nominates Ben Carson for Department of Housing Position
  895. Dec 5, 2016Advent, Not Just Another Christmas Countdown
  896. Dec 2, 2016VA Backpedals on Gender Reassignment Surgery
  897. Dec 2, 2016Abortion Groups Challenge Restrictions in Three States
  898. Dec 2, 2016Liberty Defends Hiring of Athletic Director Involved in Baylor Scandal
  899. Dec 2, 2016Three Chinese Human Rights Advocates Disappear
  900. Dec 2, 2016‘Expendable’ Christians ‘Victims of Organ Harvesting’ in China
  901. Dec 2, 2016Florida: Atheist Sets up Anti-Trump Festivus Pole Near Nativity Scene
  902. Dec 2, 2016Planned Parenthood Broke Law by Selling Aborted Baby Parts, Congressional Panel Rules
  903. Dec 2, 2016Jimmy Carter Calls for Dividing Land of Israel
  904. Dec 2, 2016Is the World Regressing in Regards to Religious Freedom? Some Experts Say Yes.
  905. Dec 2, 2016Philippines Churches Could Cancel Services over Terrorism Threat
  906. Dec 2, 2016Anglican Priest in Rural Kenya Works to Change Perceptions about HIV/AIDS
  907. Dec 2, 2016Partial Decriminalization of Abortion in Brazil Provokes Ire of Religious Right
  908. Dec 2, 2016Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Pastor Responds to Anti-Gay Accusation
  909. Dec 2, 2016High School Students Sing ‘Mary Did You Know’ While Waiting out Storm
  910. Dec 2, 2016Jerusalem: Dutch Christian Survives Terror Attack, Forgives Attacker
  911. Dec 1, 2016Texas Elector Resigns, Claims Trump Not ‘Biblically Qualified’ to Serve as President
  912. Dec 1, 2016Film on Genesis Coming to Theaters in February
  913. Dec 1, 2016Liberty University Hires Controversial Baylor Athletic Director Involved in Rape Scandal
  914. Dec 1, 20165 Facts about AIDS and HIV on World AIDS Day
  915. Dec 1, 2016Justin Bieber: ‘I Think Hell is Instagram’
  916. Dec 1, 2016Muslim Extremists in Egypt Torch Coptic Christian Homes, Businesses
  917. Dec 1, 2016‘Castro’s Death Won’t End Repression of Cuban Church’
  918. Dec 1, 2016Faith Leads Texas GOP Elector to Resign Rather Than Cast Trump Ballot
  919. Dec 1, 2016Indonesia’s Only Christian Governor Questioned by Police amid ‘Blasphemy’ Furore
  920. Dec 1, 2016Iranian Rights Groups Decry Treatment of Christians
  921. Dec 1, 2016Washington D.C. Celebrates Christmas with National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony
  922. Dec 1, 2016Dollywood Employee Finds Burned Bible Page after Wildfires
  923. Dec 1, 2016Bridging the Digital Divide, Company Gives Churches Free Websites
  924. Dec 1, 2016‘Fixer Upper’ Stars under Fire for Allegedly Opposing Same-Sex Marriage
  925. Nov 30, 2016School Apologizes for Discriminating against Christian Teaching Assistant Who Opposed Gay Marriage
  926. Nov 30, 2016Donors Pledge $2.2 Billion to Help Central African Republic Recover
  927. Nov 30, 2016Who is the Ohio State University Hero Who Responded So Quickly to Save Lives?
  928. Nov 30, 2016Tim Tebow Said ‘No’ to $1 Million Endorsement to Honor Coach Belichick
  929. Nov 30, 2016UK Christian Charity Campaigns against Relaxed Divorce Laws
  930. Nov 30, 2016Aftermath of Gatlinburg Fires: 3 Dead, over 150 Buildings Destroyed
  931. Nov 30, 2016North Korea Reportedly Expanding Brutal Prison Camps
  932. Nov 30, 2016Ohio State Staffer Sympathizes with Attacker: ‘Think of the Pain He Must Have Been In’
  933. Nov 30, 2016Former Muslim Sheikh in Eastern Uganda Attacked for Embracing Christianity
  934. Nov 30, 2016Tullian Tchividjian Remarries after Affair
  935. Nov 30, 20168 Trump Cabinet Members and Their Christian Faith
  936. Nov 29, 2016Gospel Singer Miraculously Survives Gang Attack
  937. Nov 29, 2016Reverend Billy Graham Urges Americans to Celebrate the Sacredness of the Holidays
  938. Nov 29, 2016Gatlinburg under Mandatory Evacuation as Fires Rage
  939. Nov 29, 2016Gospel Singer Miraculously Saved from Gang Attack
  940. Nov 29, 2016Zales New Commercial Features Lesbian Couple
  941. Nov 29, 2016Church Destroyed on 9/11 Erects Cross in Anticipation of Reopening Ceremony
  942. Nov 29, 2016Refocusing on Jesus this Advent Season: Advice from the Psalms
  943. Nov 29, 2016New Christmas Cards Combine Middle East War Scenes with Traditional Nativity
  944. Nov 29, 2016Trump Suggests Those Who Burn Flag Should Forfeit Citizenship
  945. Nov 29, 2016Christian Hospitals Opt Out of Canada’s Euthanasia Law
  946. Nov 29, 2016Trump Picks Charter Champion for Education Secretary
  947. Nov 29, 2016As Military Claims Victory, Boko Haram Continues Attacks
  948. Nov 29, 2016Israeli Noise Pollution Bill Stirs Claims of Islamophobia
  949. Nov 29, 2016Leaders’ Farewells to Castro Vary in Tone
  950. Nov 29, 2016Will Sessions Champion Criminal Justice Reform?
  951. Nov 29, 2016Before Being Killed Ohio State Attacker Threatened Americans: ‘We are Not Weak, Remember That’
  952. Nov 28, 2016Jerry Falwell Jr. Says Trump Offered Him Secretary of Education Position
  953. Nov 28, 2016Christians Return to Iraq and Reopen Churches
  954. Nov 28, 2016Ethnic-Religious Cleansing Cited as Herdsmen Kill More Christians in Nigeria
  955. Nov 28, 2016Failure to Bring IS to Justice Shows UN Genocide Conventions ‘Obsolete’
  956. Nov 28, 2016UK’s Teresa May Credits Faith for Helping in Difficult Decisions
  957. Nov 28, 2016Pastor Opens Peanuts-Inspired Booth to Offer ‘Spiritual Help’
  958. Nov 28, 2016Abortion Rate Falls to Lowest in Decades
  959. Nov 28, 2016Shooting at Ohio State: 1 Suspect Now Dead, 10 Victims Hospitalized, 1 in Critical Condition
  960. Nov 28, 2016Ministries and Money: Christian Charities That Use Your Money Wisely
  961. Nov 28, 2016Iraqi Christians Ask: Where Were Our Kurdish Protectors When IS Came?
  962. Nov 28, 2016Celebration for Thousands of Displaced Iraqis Ahead of Bittersweet Homecoming
  963. Nov 28, 2016Sheikh Blames Saudi Arabia for Global Rise of Islamist Terrorism
  964. Nov 28, 2016At Least 8 Injured in Ohio State Shooting
  965. Nov 28, 2016Five Muslims Sentenced to Death in Pakistan for Brick Kiln Murders
  966. Nov 28, 2016Christian Leaders Respond to the Death of Fidel Castro
  967. Nov 23, 2016Jesus Named King of Poland
  968. Nov 23, 2016London Landmarks Go Red for Religious Freedom
  969. Nov 23, 20165 Police Officers Shot since Sunday, 1 Still Fighting for His Life
  970. Nov 23, 2016Donald Trump Disavows Alt-Right Groups
  971. Nov 23, 2016Donald Trump Names Gov. Nikki Haley as US Ambassador to the UN
  972. Nov 23, 2016‘Yuge’ Changes in Store for American Education?
  973. Nov 22, 2016Mariam Ibraheem Says She Secretly Read the Bible in Prison
  974. Nov 22, 2016First Christian Governor in Indonesia Suspected of Blasphemy
  975. Nov 22, 2016Premature Babies Removed from Incubators after Air Strikes Hit Hospital
  976. Nov 22, 2016Pastor in China Upholds Faith after Nearly Year in Prison
  977. Nov 22, 2016Under the Shadow of IS: Iraqi Christians Tell of Crucifixions, Torture, Sex Slavery
  978. Nov 22, 2016Study Finds Churches with Conservative Theology Still Growing
  979. Nov 22, 2016Tennessee School Bus Crash Leaves 6 Dead, Many Injured
  980. Nov 21, 2016Tea for Two? Queen Elizabeth Invites Trump to Visit UK
  981. Nov 21, 2016Why is Singing a Part of Worship?
  982. Nov 21, 2016Teacher under Fire for Promoting ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’
  983. Nov 21, 2016Myanmar: Thousands Come to Christ after Franklin Graham Preaches Gospel
  984. Nov 21, 2016Christians to Participate in ‘Bless Friday,’ a God-Centered Alternative to Black Friday
  985. Nov 21, 2016Rwandan Catholic Church Issues Apology for Their Part in 1994 Genocide
  986. Nov 21, 2016‘Yuge’ Changes in Store for American Education?
  987. Nov 21, 2016U.S. Calls for Arms Embargo, Sanctions on Warring South Sudan
  988. Nov 21, 2016Mom Sues to Regain Parental Rights over Transgender Teen
  989. Nov 21, 2016Pro-Lifers Have High Hopes for Progress under Trump
  990. Nov 21, 2016University Tells Students Religious Volunteering Doesn’t Count
  991. Nov 21, 2016Minnesota Judge Rules Taxpayers Must Pay for Gender Reassignment Surgery
  992. Nov 21, 20165 People Donald Trump Should be Thankful for This Week
  993. Nov 21, 2016Aleppo: Hospitals Targeted in Bombings, Residents Have No Access to Medical Care
  994. Nov 21, 2016Pence’s Response to the Crowd’s Boos and Cheers: ‘This is What Freedom Sounds Like’
  995. Nov 21, 2016‘Sanctuary Churches’ Vow to Shield Immigrants from Trump Crackdown
  996. Nov 21, 201645 Killed in Yet Another Attack on Christian Communities in Nigeria
  997. Nov 21, 2016Christian Colleges Grapple with Trump’s Election, Views on Women and Minorities
  998. Nov 21, 2016Christian Colleges Grapple with Trump’s Election, Views on Women and Minorities
  999. Nov 18, 2016Divorce Rate at Lowest Level in over 35 Years
  1000. Nov 18, 2016Conservatives Prayerful that Pence May Pave Way to Positive Change in New Administration
  1001. Nov 18, 2016Germany: Christians Told Not to Try to Convert Jews
  1002. Nov 18, 2016ISIS Reportedly Planning to Target Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  1003. Nov 18, 2016Christians Everywhere Urged to Light a Candle for Aleppo
  1004. Nov 18, 2016Russell Wilson Spends Day Off Visiting Sick Children
  1005. Nov 18, 2016Trump Offers Attorney General Position to Sen. Jeff Sessions
  1006. Nov 18, 2016Oxford’s Word of the Year is ‘Post-Truth’
  1007. Nov 17, 2016Cliff Barrows, Close Friend and Associate of Billy Graham, Passes Away at 93
  1008. Nov 17, 2016Can Evangelicals Unite after the 2016 Election?
  1009. Nov 17, 2016Partisan Pope? Falwell Critiques Pope Francis on Twitter
  1010. Nov 17, 2016Christian Florist Goes to Court over Gay Wedding Controversy
  1011. Nov 17, 2016Woman Reunited with Daughter She Gave Up for Adoption after 62 Years
  1012. Nov 17, 2016Iraq: As Many as 50,000 Christians to Pray for Peace
  1013. Nov 17, 2016Why the Jen Hatmaker Controversy is Bigger Than One Woman
  1014. Nov 17, 2016Actress Roma Downey and Producer Husband Mark Burnett Launch Faith-Based TV Network
  1015. Nov 17, 2016Nigeria: U.S. Bishop and U.K. MP Narrowly Escape Being Killed by Islamic Extremists
  1016. Nov 17, 2016Study: Churches with Conservative Theology Have Better Growth Rates
  1017. Nov 16, 2016Pope Francis’ Lenient Stance on Divorce Troubles Conservative Cardinals
  1018. Nov 16, 2016Media Rethinking Issue of Religious Freedom after Trump Election
  1019. Nov 16, 2016Trump Reportedly Considering Ted Cruz for Attorney General
  1020. Nov 16, 2016Ukraine: Orphanages Closing and Children Being Placed in Families
  1021. Nov 16, 2016Israel to Begin Search for More Dead Sea Scrolls
  1022. Nov 16, 2016Christian Teen Musician and Family Killed in Car Accident
  1023. Nov 16, 2016Pastor Saeed Abedini Says Trump Was Chosen by God as President
  1024. Nov 16, 2016Max Lucado Says His Church Members are Afraid of Trump Presidency
  1025. Nov 16, 2016Study Reveals What Americans are Thankful for This Thanksgiving
  1026. Nov 15, 2016Iraqi Christians Returning Home Face Bleak Prospects
  1027. Nov 15, 2016New Movie about J.R.R Tolkien Is Underway: Directed by Downton Abbey’s James Strong
  1028. Nov 15, 2016Christian Blogger Glennon Doyle Melton Reveals Lesbian Relationship with Soccer Star
  1029. Nov 15, 2016Over 75 Percent of North Koreans Don’t Survive Persecution
  1030. Nov 15, 2016‘They Beat My Husband As We Pleaded For Them To Stop’: New Film Highlights Persecution Of Christians Around The World
  1031. Nov 15, 2016Christian BBC Anchor Refuses to Work on Sundays
  1032. Nov 15, 2016Majority of Evangelicals Did Not Vote for Trump
  1033. Nov 15, 2016University of Virginia’s President Asked to Stop Quoting Thomas Jefferson
  1034. Nov 15, 2016Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway Takes on Role of Peacemaker
  1035. Nov 15, 2016Ben Carson Reportedly Turned Down Cabinet Position in Trump Administration
  1036. Nov 15, 2016College Students Desecrate U.S. Flags on Veterans Day in Anti-Trump Protests
  1037. Nov 14, 2016Uganda: Muslim Boys Come to Christ Then Must Flee for Their Lives
  1038. Nov 14, 2016Jerusalem: Ancient Tombs Damaged in Arson Attack
  1039. Nov 14, 2016Largest Supermoon since 1948: When to See It and How to Capture the Best Photo
  1040. Nov 14, 2016Abducted Mexican Catholic Priest is Found Alive, But Endured Torture
  1041. Nov 14, 2016Faith Leaders Call on Church to Help Heal Post-Election America
  1042. Nov 14, 2016Nigeria Appoints Women to Police Refugee Camps
  1043. Nov 14, 2016Medication Abortions Soar after FDA Eases Regulation
  1044. Nov 14, 2016State Elections Solidify GOP Control
  1045. Nov 14, 2016Clinton’s Critical Mistake: Ignoring Evangelicals
  1046. Nov 14, 2016Trump Tells Instigators of Hate Crimes to ‘Stop it’ in 60 Minutes Interview
  1047. Nov 14, 2016Trump on Same-Sex Marriage: ‘Supreme Court Has Already Settled These Cases’
  1048. Nov 14, 2016Trump Appoints Priebus and Bannon to Lead: What You Need to Know
  1049. Nov 14, 2016Thousands across America Protest Trump Presidency
  1050. Nov 11, 2016Indonesia: Christians Hopeful One Year after Churches Destroyed by Extremists
  1051. Nov 11, 2016Pakistani Christians Refused Entry into UK: ‘They Were Not Wealthy Enough’
  1052. Nov 11, 2016Satanist Sent to Destroy Church Ends up Coming to Christ
  1053. Nov 11, 2016African-American Faith Leaders Mourn Trump’s Election but Remain Resolute
  1054. Nov 11, 2016Are Evangelicals Expecting Too Much from a Trump Presidency?
  1055. Nov 11, 2016Watch This Sports Anchor Model a Godly Post-Election Posture in Front of Millions
  1056. Nov 11, 2016Anti-Trump Protests Continue, Police Label Some as Riots
  1057. Nov 11, 2016Battle for Mosul: ISIS Hangs Bodies of 40 Civilians from Poles
  1058. Nov 10, 2016Trump’s Plan for His First 100 Days in Office
  1059. Nov 10, 2016Anne Graham Lotz on America Going Forward: ‘Most Critical Thing God’s People Can Do is Pray’
  1060. Nov 10, 2016White Evangelicals, Catholics and Mormons Carried Trump
  1061. Nov 10, 2016Thousands across America Protest Trump Presidency
  1062. Nov 10, 2016Planned Parenthood Worried in Wake of Clinton Defeat
  1063. Nov 10, 2016The Concerns of the Religious Right under a Trump Presidency
  1064. Nov 9, 2016Muslim Leader Miraculously Raised from the Dead and Converted
  1065. Nov 9, 2016200 New Christian Converts are Baptized in Iran
  1066. Nov 9, 2016Donald Trump’s Relationship with Evangelical Christians, Before and After the Election
  1067. Nov 9, 2016Christians Must Hold President Trump to His Pro-Life Promises
  1068. Nov 9, 2016Tim Tebow Has Game-Winning Hit after Getting Advice from Baseball Hall-of-Famer
  1069. Nov 9, 2016Evangelicals Respond to Trump’s Victory
  1070. Nov 9, 2016Evangelicals Key Group in Propelling Trump to Victory
  1071. Nov 9, 2016Syrian Christian Pastor -“I Don’t Feel ‘Seduced’ to Leave Aleppo”
  1072. Nov 9, 2016Donald Trump is Elected 45th President of the U.S.
  1073. Nov 8, 2016Homeschoolers in U.S. Number Nearly 2 Million
  1074. Nov 8, 2016Religious Breakdown Across Swing States for 2016 Election
  1075. Nov 8, 2016Buzzfeed Reports Influential Christian Women are against Trump—But Not for Clinton
  1076. Nov 8, 2016Rick Warren: Why I Have Hope for America’s Soul
  1077. Nov 8, 2016Post-Election Church Services Aim to Reconcile Christian Voters
  1078. Nov 8, 2016What are the Polls Saying Early on Election Day?
  1079. Nov 8, 2016The Path to 270 for Trump
  1080. Nov 8, 2016Thousands of Christians Will Celebrate Communion after the Election
  1081. Nov 8, 2016Christian Couple Prevented from Adopting after Criticizing Gay Adoption
  1082. Nov 8, 201694-Year-Old Woman is Baptized, Says It’s Never too Late to Become a Christian
  1083. Nov 8, 2016Thousands of Christians Will Celebrate Communion after the Election
  1084. Nov 8, 2016Christian Couple Prevented from Adopting after Criticizing Gay Adoption
  1085. Nov 8, 2016Airbnb Mandates Anti-Bias Pledge
  1086. Nov 8, 2016Clinton Staffer: Hackers Tried to Access Private Email Server
  1087. Nov 8, 201694-Year-Old Woman is Baptized, Says It’s Never too Late to Become a Christian
  1088. Nov 7, 2016Why the Amy Grant Music Controversy Highlights a Deeper Issue
  1089. Nov 7, 2016Study: Celebrities Influence Out-of-Wedlock Births
  1090. Nov 7, 2016Clinton Staffer: Hackers Tried to Access Private Email Server
  1091. Nov 7, 2016India: Christianity Growing Despite Persecution
  1092. Nov 7, 201694-Year-Old Woman is Baptized, Says It’s Never too Late to Become a Christian
  1093. Nov 7, 2016Clinton is again Acquitted in Email Server Investigation
  1094. Nov 7, 2016Report: Nigerian Officials Abuse Women in Refugee Camps
  1095. Nov 7, 2016Airbnb Mandates Anti-Bias Pledge
  1096. Nov 7, 2016Clinton Maintains Slight Lead in Polls Day before Election
  1097. Nov 7, 2016Thousands of Christians Will Celebrate Communion after the Election
  1098. Nov 7, 2016Christian Couple Prevented from Adopting after Criticizing Gay Adoption
  1099. Nov 7, 2016Billy Graham ‘Doing Well’ Just Ahead of 98th Birthday
  1100. Nov 7, 2016After Counting Gifts, Author Ann Voskamp Urges Christians to be the Gift
  1101. Nov 7, 2016The Down-Ballot Issues People of Faith are Watching
  1102. Nov 4, 2016Franklin Graham Explains Why There Won’t be a Big Party for Billy Graham’s 98th Birthday
  1103. Nov 4, 2016Mel Gibson Working on Sequel to ‘The Passion of the Christ’ Called ‘The Resurrection’
  1104. Nov 4, 2016Mike Pence Shares Story of Personal Faith in Effort to Sway More Evangelicals
  1105. Nov 4, 2016LifeWay Stores Will Not Sell Amy Grant’s New Christmas Album
  1106. Nov 4, 2016Anna and Josh Duggar Reportedly Getting Divorced
  1107. Nov 4, 2016Chicago Cubs Ben Zobrist Wins MVP, Uses Talents to Glorify God
  1108. Nov 4, 2016Tim Tebow Reveals Father Has Parkinson’s Disease
  1109. Nov 4, 2016Biggest Supermoon Since 1948 to Appear on Nov. 14
  1110. Nov 4, 2016Mosul: ISIS Forcing Children and Elderly to Carry Out Brutal Executions
  1111. Nov 3, 2016Are More Evangelicals Accepting Gay Marriage? Yes and No
  1112. Nov 3, 2016Franklin Graham Shares Picture of Billy Graham with Donald Trump
  1113. Nov 3, 2016Should Christian Parents Give Their Children the HPV Vaccine?
  1114. Nov 3, 2016Christian Zionists to Flood UNESCO with Bibles after Organization Calls Jerusalem by Arabic Name
  1115. Nov 3, 2016Alqosh, the Last Christian Town in Iraq, is Here to Stay
  1116. Nov 3, 2016Predominantly Black Church Vandalized with Words ‘Vote Trump’
  1117. Nov 3, 2016Iraqi Church Liberated from ISIS’ Control Holds First Service in Two Years
  1118. Nov 3, 2016Christian Woman Taken Hostage in Walgreens Shares Gospel with Her Captor
  1119. Nov 2, 2016Christian University Wins Court Battle over Sexual Ethics
  1120. Nov 2, 2016Black Clergy Send Letter to Clinton Demanding She Defend Unborn
  1121. Nov 2, 2016New Bible Funded by Kickstarter is Finished after 2 Years
  1122. Nov 2, 2016Aleppo Churches Open Doors to Displaced Muslim Families
  1123. Nov 2, 2016Christian Convert in French Refugee Camp Told: ‘We Will Kill You’
  1124. Nov 2, 2016The Inside Story: What Really Happened with Roe v. Wade?
  1125. Nov 2, 2016Washington DC Takes Steps to Legalize Assisted Suicide
  1126. Nov 1, 2016Supreme Court to Hear Case on Transgender Rights in Schools
  1127. Nov 1, 2016Iraqi Christians Erect Cross for First Time Since ISIS Takeover
  1128. Nov 1, 2016Former Lesbian Calls out Jen Hatmaker’s Embrace of LGBT Relationships
  1129. Nov 1, 2016Opposition in India Forces Shift in Evangelism
  1130. Nov 1, 2016San Francisco: Priest Walks Streets, Praying Where Homicides Occurred
  1131. Nov 1, 2016Chicago Cubs Ben Zobrist Shares Christian Faith: ‘We All Need Christ’
  1132. Nov 1, 2016Pope and Lutheran Leaders Sign Joint Declaration on Reformation Day
  1133. Nov 1, 2016Evangelical Pastor Wins Election, Becomes Mayor of Rio
  1134. Oct 31, 2016Federal Judge: Iowa Churches Safe from Anti-Bias Law
  1135. Oct 31, 2016Feds Propose More International Adoption Restrictions
  1136. Oct 31, 2016Georgia Demands Pastor’s Sermons in Discrimination Fight
  1137. Oct 31, 2016Danger Follows Christian Refugees to Germany
  1138. Oct 31, 2016Mosul: Christians Gather for 100 Hours of Prayer and Worship
  1139. Oct 31, 2016Survey: More Millennials Agree with Karl Marx Than the Bible
  1140. Oct 31, 2016Italy: Monks Vow to Rebuild Monastery after Destruction Caused by Earthquake
  1141. Oct 31, 2016Clinton Email Scandal is Reopened Days before Election
  1142. Oct 31, 2016What is ‘Reformation Day’?
  1143. Oct 28, 2016LifeWay Stops Selling Jen Hatmaker Books Due to Her LGBT Support
  1144. Oct 28, 2016ISIS Kidnaps Tens of Thousands to Use as Human Shields in Mosul
  1145. Oct 28, 2016Billy Graham: Parents Should Welcome Back Rebellious Children
  1146. Oct 28, 2016What Evangelicals Can Do to Bring Change to the Supreme Court
  1147. Oct 28, 2016Afghanistan: ISIS Militants Kill 30 Hostages, Including Children
  1148. Oct 28, 2016Tim Keller Warns Christians about Divisive Politics: ‘You’re Christian First’
  1149. Oct 27, 2016Chip and Joanna Gaines Opening New Breakfast Restaurant
  1150. Oct 27, 2016Aleppo: ‘Mosters Devour One Another in City of Death and Destruction’
  1151. Oct 27, 2016Formerly Imprisoned Pastor Saeed Urges Christians to Support Trump
  1152. Oct 27, 2016Bodies of 25 Refugees Found Dead in Boat
  1153. Oct 27, 2016Oprah Endorses Clinton on Pastor T.D. Jakes Show
  1154. Oct 27, 2016Ciara Shares News of Pregnancy: ‘One of the Greatest Gifts of All that God Could Give’
  1155. Oct 27, 2016Georgia: Pastor Forced to Hand over Sermons to the State
  1156. Oct 27, 2016Chinese Pastor’s Family Comes to Faith after He is Miraculously Healed
  1157. Oct 27, 2016Chip and Joanna Gaines Creating New Breakfast Restaurant
  1158. Oct 27, 20165 Facts about Down syndrome
  1159. Oct 26, 2016Distributing Aid in Haiti is a Dangerous Proposition
  1160. Oct 26, 2016Christianity May Still be Eradicated from Iraq, Even after ISIS is Defeated
  1161. Oct 26, 2016China: 20 Christians Beaten, Couple Imprisoned for Hanging Up Cross
  1162. Oct 26, 2016Islamic Extremists Kill 12 More People in Mandera, Kenya
  1163. Oct 26, 2016Nigerian Middle Belt State: 800+ Christians Killed, 800+ Injured, 100+ Churches Destroyed
  1164. Oct 26, 2016GOP Woman Questions Why Men from Her Party Continue to Back Trump
  1165. Oct 26, 2016Canada: Man Sues to Take God out of AA Program
  1166. Oct 26, 2016Young Iraqi Christian Girl Has Forgiven ISIS, is ‘Joyful’ to Return Home
  1167. Oct 26, 2016Pakistan: Christians and Muslims Join Forces to Save Boy from Blasphemy Charges
  1168. Oct 26, 2016New Discovery Confirms Jews Have a Claim to Jerusalem
  1169. Oct 25, 2016Catholic Priest Shot Dead in DRC as Christian Persecution Increases
  1170. Oct 25, 2016More Iraqi Towns ‘Freed’ but Nineveh Christians Not Confident about Safe Return
  1171. Oct 25, 2016Christian Cartoonist Jack Chick Dies at 92
  1172. Oct 25, 2016Tim Tebow Interview: ‘I Know Where My Identity Lies’
  1173. Oct 25, 2016Baby is Born Twice, Once for Surgery, Once at Full Gestation
  1174. Oct 25, 2016Survey: Two-Thirds of U.S. Pastors Encourage Church Members to Use Halloween as Outreach Opportunity
  1175. Oct 25, 201612 Killed in Attack ‘by Al-Shabaab Gunmen Targeting Kenyan Christians’
  1176. Oct 25, 2016Pastor and Wife Charged with Stealing $1.2 Million from Congregation
  1177. Oct 25, 2016China: Christian Man Arrested for Printing Devotionals
  1178. Oct 25, 20164 Years after Parents Were Told to Abort Him, ‘Boy Without a Brain’ is Thriving
  1179. Oct 25, 2016Iraqi Christian Girls, Hiding under Bed from ISIS, Text Priest: ‘Please Come for Us’
  1180. Oct 24, 2016Iranian Pastor Imprisoned for Faith is Set Free
  1181. Oct 24, 2016Australia: Christian Leaders Join Forces with Local Government to Eradicate Porn
  1182. Oct 24, 2016Christian Family Loses Gay Cake Case
  1183. Oct 24, 2016Pastor to Preside over Transgender Renaming Ceremony
  1184. Oct 24, 2016UPDATE: Chibok Girls Happy to ‘Be Back’ but Talk of Captivity
  1185. Oct 24, 2016Christians Protest Iraq’s Alcohol Ban
  1186. Oct 24, 2016Iraqi Christians Look Homeward toward Mosul, Uncertainly
  1187. Oct 24, 2016Historic Christian Town of Bartella Liberated from ISIS Control
  1188. Oct 21, 2016Christian Rapper Lecrae: ‘As I Shared My Heart, My Supporters Turned on Me’
  1189. Oct 21, 2016UN Set to Appoint Global LGBT Advocate
  1190. Oct 21, 2016Pakistan Bans Honor Killings but Support for Murderers Persists
  1191. Oct 21, 2016U.S. Missionary Kidnapped in Niger
  1192. Oct 21, 2016Doctors, Lawmakers Embrace Gender Dysphoria Treatments
  1193. Oct 21, 2016Undercover Videos Show Clinton Camp Playing Dirty
  1194. Oct 21, 2016Site Where Romans Breached Jerusalem Walls is Pinpointed
  1195. Oct 21, 2016Displaced Iraqi Christians Await Return to Mosul with Bated Breath
  1196. Oct 21, 2016Iraq: ISIS Militants Attack Kirkuk in Effort to Divert Forces from Mosul
  1197. Oct 21, 2016North Korea Teaches That Christians Kill People and Suck Their Blood
  1198. Oct 21, 2016Bible Society Debates Exhibit Ban for InterVarsity Press
  1199. Oct 21, 2016Christians Celebrate Jewish Festival of Sukkot in Jerusalem
  1200. Oct 21, 2016Churches around the World Ring Bells for Thousands Killed in Aleppo
  1201. Oct 20, 2016Jerry Falwell Jr. Prohibits Anti-Trump Editorial from being Published in Student-Run Paper
  1202. Oct 20, 2016Former Pastor Perry Noble Opens Up about Alcohol Abuse
  1203. Oct 20, 2016Niger: Thousands of Children Suffering from Severe Malnutrition
  1204. Oct 20, 2016Former ‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe is Praying for Revival in America
  1205. Oct 20, 2016Is There a ‘Trump Effect’ on Public Morality?
  1206. Oct 20, 2016Erasing the Temple Mount’s Jewish Claims Only Makes the Conflict Worse
  1207. Oct 20, 2016Final Presidential Debate: Clinton Defends Abortion, Trump May Not Accept Election Results
  1208. Oct 20, 2016Gospel Singer Carman is Cancer-Free, Credits ‘God’s Grace’ and Prayers of Fans
  1209. Oct 20, 2016Theologian Wayne Grudem Renews Support for Trump
  1210. Oct 20, 2016Chinese Christians Face Trial for Spying as Christian Persecution Increases
  1211. Oct 19, 2016As Retake of Mosul Looms, Muslim Extremism Has Already Emptied Iraq of Christians
  1212. Oct 19, 201672 Sex Slaves Freed in Sex Trafficking Sting in Washington State
  1213. Oct 19, 2016More than 48 Christians Killed in Kaduna, Nigeria Massacres
  1214. Oct 19, 2016Study: Divorce Major Reason Millennials are Leaving the Church
  1215. Oct 19, 2016Supposed Site of Moses’ Death Reopens to the Public
  1216. Oct 19, 2016James Dobson Calls for Pro-Life Protests in Response to CA Pro-Abortion Law
  1217. Oct 19, 2016Germany: 743 Christians Attacked by Muslims in Refugee Camps
  1218. Oct 19, 2016UPDATE: Family Seek Presidential Pardon for Algerian Christian
  1219. Oct 19, 2016California: Now Legal for Mentally Ill Patients to Die by Assisted Suicide
  1220. Oct 19, 2016Anglican Churches Instructed to Follow the Bible on Gay Marriage
  1221. Oct 18, 2016UPDATE: Nigeria Will Negotiate for ‘83 More Chibok Girls’
  1222. Oct 18, 2016The Week: Pat Robertson Should Retire
  1223. Oct 18, 2016Iraqi Forces Face Tough ISIS resistance in Battle for Mosul
  1224. Oct 18, 2016Video Claims to Reveal Democrats Purposefully Incited Violence at Trump Rallies
  1225. Oct 18, 2016College Football Player is Only Team Member to Stand for National Anthem
  1226. Oct 18, 2016Will Evangelical Women Turn the Tide against Trump?
  1227. Oct 18, 2016Christians Forced from Iraq Now Face Persecution in Turkey
  1228. Oct 18, 2016Dwindling Population of Middle East Christians Experiencing Accelerated ‘Targeting’
  1229. Oct 18, 2016Tim Tebow: It was God Who Revived Fan, Not Me
  1230. Oct 17, 2016Jerry Falwell Jr. Responds to Student Petition against Trump
  1231. Oct 17, 2016Iraqi Forces Battle ISIS in Important Battle for Control of Mosul
  1232. Oct 17, 2016Cairo Bishop Urges Church to be Ready for Martyrdom
  1233. Oct 17, 2016FBI to Dismiss Lawsuit brought by Charleston Church Shooting Victims against Dylann Roof
  1234. Oct 17, 2016Daughter of Christian Olympian Tyson Gay is Shot and Killed
  1235. Oct 17, 2016Pakistan: Muslims Demand Christian Boy be Hanged for Insulting Islam
  1236. Oct 17, 2016Survey: Majority of Evangelicals Not Voting Trump
  1237. Oct 14, 2016Feds Push Back on State Defunding of Planned Parenthood
  1238. Oct 14, 2016California Prosecutor Charges Tetal-Tissue Traders with Illegal Profiteering
  1239. Oct 14, 2016Colorado Appears Set to Approve Assisted Suicide
  1240. Oct 14, 2016Americans Like School Choice, but Don’t Understand It
  1241. Oct 14, 2016Evangelist with No Arms or Legs Leads Thousands to Christ in Europe
  1242. Oct 14, 2016UPDATE: Chibok girls ‘Not Swapped’ but Released after ‘Careful Negotiation’
  1243. Oct 14, 2016Switzerland: Christian Nursing Home Forced to Allow Assisted Suicide
  1244. Oct 14, 2016Woman Chooses to Keep Baby after Uncle Raped Her
  1245. Oct 14, 2016Iraqi Christians in Mosul Forgive Persecutors
  1246. Oct 14, 2016Over 700 Christian Women Condemn Trump’s Sexist Comments
  1247. Oct 14, 2016Christian Leader Calls for Ceasefire, Says Aleppo is a ‘Living Hell’
  1248. Oct 13, 2016Liberty University Students Sign ‘Liberty United Against Trump’ Document
  1249. Oct 13, 2016Franklin Graham Concludes ‘Decision America Tour’ in Home State of NC
  1250. Oct 13, 2016Air Force Officer Facing Repercussions for Saying Jesus Influences His Decisions
  1251. Oct 13, 2016Liberty Professor Says to ‘Call Out Locker Room Talk for the Sin That It Is’
  1252. Oct 13, 2016Haiti: Christians Give Thanks to God Despite Hurricane Destruction
  1253. Oct 13, 2016Woman Referred to in Trump Video Speaks Out
  1254. Oct 13, 2016Air Force Officer Facing Repercussions for Saying Jesus Influences His Decisions
  1255. Oct 13, 2016Ancient Collection of Rare Bibles to be Sold at Auction
  1256. Oct 13, 2016Boko Haram ‘Releases 21 Chibok Firls’
  1257. Oct 13, 2016Asia Bibi’s Appeal Delayed; 150 Islamic Leaders Call for Her to Hang, Whatever the Outcome
  1258. Oct 13, 2016Popular Christian Author Eric Metaxas Stands by Donald Trump
  1259. Oct 13, 2016Mike Pence Defends Trump at Liberty University amid Evangelical Debate
  1260. Oct 13, 2016Clinton Campaign Mocks Catholics and Their Faith
  1261. Oct 13, 2016Texas Churches Vandalized with Graffiti Promoting Islam
  1262. Oct 12, 2016Poland Hosts Massive Pro-Abortion Protest
  1263. Oct 12, 2016Email Reveals State Department under Hillary Prioritized Bill Clinton’s Friends
  1264. Oct 12, 2016MA Churches Sue after Being Forced to Accommodate Transgender People
  1265. Oct 12, 2016Poll: Trump Support Remains Steady among Evangelicals
  1266. Oct 12, 2016Slashed by Machetes and Left for Dead in the DRC
  1267. Oct 12, 2016Evangelical Leaders Call on Trump to Step Aside from Election
  1268. Oct 12, 2016Germany: Syrian Refugee Apprehends Suspected Terrorist
  1269. Oct 12, 2016Study: Presbyterians and Episcopalians Richest Christians in U.S.
  1270. Oct 12, 2016Haiti: Christians Give Thanks to God Despite Hurricane Destruction
  1271. Oct 12, 2016Fan Having Seizure Recovers after Tim Tebow Prays over Him
  1272. Oct 12, 2016Fragments from Dead Sea Scrolls are Published in New Books
  1273. Oct 11, 2016Ben Carson: Trump Asked for Forgiveness, “is Coming Ever Closer to the Lord’
  1274. Oct 11, 2016After Lewd Tape Release, Reed Lays out Evangelical Case for Trump
  1275. Oct 11, 2016Will Lewd Trump Tape about Groping be Tipping Point with Conservative Christians?
  1276. Oct 11, 2016Iran: Christian Converts Sentenced to Receive 80 Lashes for Drinking Wine during Communion
  1277. Oct 11, 2016Woman Claims Jesus Raised Her from the Dead to Minister to Muslims
  1278. Oct 11, 2016Only Two Prominent Evangelicals Break with Trump after Inappropriate Video
  1279. Oct 11, 2016Christian Pastor Seeks to Help Muslim Woman Attacked with Acid by Fiancé
  1280. Oct 11, 2016Pakistan: Christian Boy, 14, Raped and Hung from Tree, but Police Say Death ‘Natural’
  1281. Oct 11, 2016Oregon Church Implies Worship Leaders Cannot be Overweight
  1282. Oct 10, 2016Top Evangelical Theologian Withdraws Support of Donald Trump
  1283. Oct 10, 2016Relief Efforts Underway for Hurricane Matthew Victims
  1284. Oct 10, 2016Formerly Imprisoned Iranian Pastor Saeed Abedini Announces Divorce
  1285. Oct 10, 2016Why Do Evangelicals Hate Hillary So Much?
  1286. Oct 10, 2016France Plans Ban on Pro-Life Websites
  1287. Oct 10, 2016Nigeria Investigates Squandered Aid Funds
  1288. Oct 10, 2016Supreme Court Begins Low-Profile Term
  1289. Oct 10, 2016Syria: Christians Remain Homeless Though ISIS is Losing Ground
  1290. Oct 10, 2016Paul Ryan Will No Longer Defend Trump after Sexually Inappropriate Video
  1291. Oct 10, 2016‘Peaceful’ Buddhism’s Violent Face in Sri Lanka
  1292. Oct 10, 2016‘Peaceful’ Buddhism’s Violent Face in Sri Lanka
  1293. Oct 10, 2016Christian Leaders Respond to Trump Groping Video
  1294. Oct 8, 2016Trump Vows to Stay in Race as Video of Lewd Comments Surface
  1295. Oct 7, 2016Trump May be Speeding Up Evangelical Break with GOP
  1296. Oct 7, 2016Virginia Ballet Company Uses Ballet to Point to God, Fight against Occult
  1297. Oct 7, 2016Campus Ministry Reportedly Requires Staff to Oppose Same-Sex Marriage
  1298. Oct 7, 20166 Things You Should Know about Nat Turner and His Rebellion
  1299. Oct 7, 2016Christian Group Encourages People to Share the Gospel on Election Day
  1300. Oct 7, 2016Christian Aid Groups Rush to Help Hurricane Matthew Victims
  1301. Oct 6, 2016California to Make Distribution of Planned Parenthood Secret Recordings Illegal
  1302. Oct 6, 2016With Kaine and Pence, Religion Finally Takes Center Stage in Election 2016
  1303. Oct 6, 2016Study: Women Who Use Contraceptives More Likely to Suffer Depression
  1304. Oct 6, 2016Study: Women Who Use Contraceptives More Likely to Suffer Depression
  1305. Oct 6, 2016Expert on Prophecy and the Supernatural Reveals Story of Original Halloween Witch
  1306. Oct 6, 2016Al Shabab Claims 6 Christians Dead in NE Kenya Raid
  1307. Oct 6, 2016Church of Pastor Imprisoned in North Korea Pleads for His Release
  1308. Oct 6, 201624/7 Prayer to be Held for Persecuted Christian Asia Bibi
  1309. Oct 6, 2016Al Shabab Claims 6 Christian Dead in NE Kenya Raid
  1310. Oct 6, 2016Pence Maintains Trump Would Defend Religious Objections
  1311. Oct 6, 2016Americans Can’t Pass Theology 101
  1312. Oct 5, 2016Chris Pratt Lives Out Genuine Christian Faith
  1313. Oct 5, 2016Tomorrow (Oct. 6) is Bring Your Bible to School Day
  1314. Oct 5, 2016White Evangelicals Disillusioned with Presidential Candidates
  1315. Oct 5, 2016Pope Francis Makes Surprise Visit to Quake Zone
  1316. Oct 5, 2016Vice-Presidential Candidates Spar in First and Only Debate
  1317. Oct 5, 2016American Missionary is Prosecuted under Russia’s New Anti-Evangelism Law
  1318. Oct 5, 2016Christian Persecution on the Rise in Uzbekistan
  1319. Oct 5, 2016Hurricane Matthew Moves Toward Bahamas, Southeast U.S., Bringing Drenching Rains, High Winds
  1320. Oct 4, 2016In Aftermath of SC School Shooting, Family of Slain Boy Thanks Supporters for Prayers
  1321. Oct 4, 2016Ayesha Curry on Misconceptions about Christianity, Being an Effective Witness for Christ
  1322. Oct 4, 2016Pastors Offer Prayers for Unity after Police Kill 3 Black Men in CA
  1323. Oct 4, 2016In Aftermath of SC School Shooting, Family of Slain Boy Thank Supporters for Prayers
  1324. Oct 4, 2016Nigerian Bishop Claims Jesus Told Him Boko Haram Will Die Out
  1325. Oct 4, 2016Iraq: Syriac Christian Population Needs Constitutional Protection to Survive
  1326. Oct 4, 2016Haiti: Residents Brace for Landfall of Hurricane Matthew
  1327. Oct 4, 2016Chick-fil-A Ranked as Friendliest Fast Food Chain
  1328. Oct 3, 2016Police Group Claims CNN Selectively Edited Video of Charlotte Shooting
  1329. Oct 3, 2016Pope Warns Christians to Beware of Global War on Marriage
  1330. Oct 3, 2016Germany: Protesters Disrupt Reunification Celebration at Church
  1331. Oct 3, 2016Christian Colleges Consider Arming Security Guards to Prevent Attacks
  1332. Oct 3, 2016Education Secretary’s Comments Rattle Homeschoolers
  1333. Oct 3, 2016Norway Allows Children to Legally Change Gender
  1334. Oct 3, 2016Report: Sudan’s Military Used Chemical Weapons on Civilians
  1335. Oct 3, 2016Gaia Mission Maps the Milky Way
  1336. Oct 3, 2016Happy 40th Birthday, Hyde Amendment
  1337. Oct 3, 2016Mel Gibson’s New Christian Film Receives 10 Minute Standing Ovation
  1338. Oct 3, 2016Study Reveals How Churches Use Money
  1339. Oct 3, 2016After Crash, Hoboken Residents Ponder God and Fate
  1340. Oct 3, 201610 years after Amish Schoolhouse Killing, the Work of Grieving Remains
  1341. Oct 3, 2016China: Imprisoned and Tortured Pastor Now Suffering from Serious Diseases
  1342. Sep 30, 2016Former Mozilla CEO, Shunned for Belief in Traditional Marriage, Launches New Browser
  1343. Sep 30, 2016Newborn Baby Found Alive after Mother Abandoned Her in Trash Can
  1344. Sep 30, 2016International Blasphemy Day Raises Awareness of Christian Persecution under Blasphemy Laws
  1345. Sep 30, 2016Christians Should Not be Pacifists, Say Group of Evangelical Leaders
  1346. Sep 30, 2016Nigeria: Priests are ‘Endangered Species’ Who are Constantly Persecuted
  1347. Sep 30, 2016Survey: Majority of Americans Think Religious Institutions Should Provide Contraception
  1348. Sep 30, 2016Conspiracy Prophets Say Tonight’s ‘Black Moon’ Signals End of the World
  1349. Sep 30, 2016Arrest of Christian Workers in Sudan Serves Islamist Regime as Warning to Others
  1350. Sep 29, 2016Presidential Candidates Yet to Address Christian Persecution
  1351. Sep 29, 2016Christian School Goes to Court to Defend a 30-Second Pregame Prayer
  1352. Sep 29, 2016New Bill Would Allow Pastors to Endorse Political Candidates
  1353. Sep 29, 2016Crossway Backtracks on Decision to Make ESV Translation Unchangeable
  1354. Sep 29, 2016First Baby with DNA of 3 Parents is Born
  1355. Sep 29, 2016Cool with Contraception, Americans Divide over Transgender Bathrooms and Wedding Services for Gays
  1356. Sep 29, 2016Pope Francis Warns Syria Aggressors They Will Face Divine Wrath
  1357. Sep 29, 2016Shimon Peres’ Death Moves Religious Leaders
  1358. Sep 29, 2016On God and Heaven, Americans are All over the Map
  1359. Sep 29, 2016Tim Tebow Hits Homerun off First Pitch as Mets Player
  1360. Sep 29, 2016Pastor of Hillsong NYC: We Will Say ‘Black Lives Matter’ at This Church
  1361. Sep 28, 2016Nepal: Over 200 Church Planters Prepare to Preach the Gospel
  1362. Sep 28, 2016South Carolina: 2 Students, 1 Teacher Injured in School Shooting
  1363. Sep 28, 2016Idea of ‘Safe Zone’ for Iraqi Christians is Introduced in D.C. Meeting
  1364. Sep 28, 2016Israel: New Discovery Confirms King Hezekiah Really Did Destroy Idols
  1365. Sep 28, 2016Charlotte: Black Pastor Urges Churches to be ‘Healing Agent’ for Racial Divide
  1366. Sep 28, 2016Former Megachurch Pastor Tullian Tchividjian Contemplated Suicide after Scandal
  1367. Sep 28, 2016Russian Orthodox Church Calls for Total Ban on Abortion
  1368. Sep 27, 2016Evangelicals Create ‘Declaration of Dependence’ to Proclaim Commitment to Christian Values
  1369. Sep 27, 2016Ministry to Millennials Announces ’17 Conference
  1370. Sep 27, 2016Obama, Prominent Pastors Celebrate TD Jakes’s 40th Anniversary of Ministry
  1371. Sep 27, 2016Christian Artist Crowder Performs Song ‘Run Devil Run’ on Fox & Friends
  1372. Sep 27, 2016Aleppo: 20 Churches Destroyed as Bombings Continue
  1373. Sep 27, 2016Christian ‘Fixer Upper’ Stars Release New Book on Their Faith and Careers
  1374. Sep 27, 2016Christian Artist Sues after Being Forced to Promote Gay Marriage
  1375. Sep 27, 2016Candidates Clash in First Debate; Abortion Left Out of Discussion
  1376. Sep 26, 2016Faith Leaders Call for Prayer over Trump before Debate
  1377. Sep 26, 2016Christian Singer Fantasia Thankful to God for Helping Her Overcome Suicidal Thoughts
  1378. Sep 26, 2016Poll: 90 Percent of White Evangelicals Believe Christian Values are under Attack
  1379. Sep 26, 2016Where’s the Priority to Help Genocide Victims?
  1380. Sep 26, 2016Scholars Unwrap Ancient Biblical Text
  1381. Sep 26, 2016Trump Vows, if Elected, U.S. Will Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
  1382. Sep 26, 2016Climate Model Snubbed for Politically Incorrect Origins
  1383. Sep 26, 2016U.S. Lawmakers Plead for Mexico’s Persecuted Evangelicals
  1384. Sep 26, 2016Kenya: Thousands Accept Christ during 10-Day Revival
  1385. Sep 26, 2016Aleppo: Muslim, Christian Children Unite in Prayer to End Conflict
  1386. Sep 26, 2016IRS Chief Admits Regret for Targeting Scandal Response
  1387. Sep 24, 2016Russell Moore Expresses Sorrow at Terence Crutcher Shooting
  1388. Sep 24, 2016Boko Haram Victims: ‘We are in a Catastrophe’
  1389. Sep 24, 20166-Year-Old Writes Moving Letter to President Obama about Injured Syrian Boy
  1390. Sep 23, 2016Syria: Ceasefire Broken, New Bombing Campaign Targets Civil Defense Centers
  1391. Sep 23, 2016Ancient Biblical Scroll is Deciphered by Computer
  1392. Sep 23, 2016North Korea: Christians Crucified, Burned, Steamrolled in Onslaught of Brutal Persecution
  1393. Sep 23, 20166-Year-Old Writes Moving Letter to President Obama about Injured Syrian Boy
  1394. Sep 23, 2016India: Christians Ostracized by Others in Their Village
  1395. Sep 23, 2016Survey: Views on Homosexuality Major Factor for Millennials Who Left Church
  1396. Sep 23, 2016Russell Moore Expresses Sorrow at Terence Crutcher Shooting
  1397. Sep 23, 2016Boko Haram Victims: ‘We are in a Catastrophe’
  1398. Sep 23, 2016China Tightens Grip on Religion
  1399. Sep 22, 2016Pakistan: Drunk Muslims Beat Up Christians in Their Own Homes
  1400. Sep 22, 2016Mexico: Pope Sends Condolences as Mourners Pack Church at Funeral of Murdered Priest
  1401. Sep 22, 2016Zambia: Christians Fear State Control of Religion
  1402. Sep 22, 2016Lecrae Speaks out against Racially-Charged Shootings
  1403. Sep 22, 2016Casting Crowns Frontman Speaks about Battle with Cancer, New Album
  1404. Sep 22, 2016Baby of Slain Pregnant Woman Miraculously Survives
  1405. Sep 22, 2016Christian Author Jay Sekulow’s New Book Claims End Times Alliance is Forming
  1406. Sep 22, 2016Christian Church Responds to Opening of Satanic Temple HQ in Salem, MA
  1407. Sep 22, 2016Southeast Asia: Dead Man Miraculously Comes Back to Life after Missionaries Pray over Him
  1408. Sep 22, 2016Tim Tebow Supports Colin Kaepernick’s Right to Protest
  1409. Sep 21, 2016Chris Pratt Discusses Why He Erected Cross at Easter
  1410. Sep 21, 2016Chris Pratt Discusses Why He Erected Cross at Easter
  1411. Sep 21, 2016Military is Hostile to Christian Beliefs, According to Retired Navy Chaplain
  1412. Sep 21, 2016Baptist Leaders: Report on Religious Liberty is ‘Moral Disaster’
  1413. Sep 21, 2016Pastor Deported from Botswana after Saying Gays and Lesbians Should be Killed
  1414. Sep 21, 2016Anglican Church in Toronto Elects First Openly Gay Bishop
  1415. Sep 21, 2016Canadian Missionary Released from Detainment in China
  1416. Sep 21, 2016In Assisi, Pope Francis Lunches with World Refugees
  1417. Sep 21, 2016Billy Graham on How to Pray for the Atheists in Your Life
  1418. Sep 20, 2016Tim Keller Makes ‘Emotional, Cultural’ Case for God in New Book
  1419. Sep 20, 2016Israel Facing Increase in Terror Attacks
  1420. Sep 20, 2016Research Indicates Church Attendance Declines after Marriage, Increases after Children
  1421. Sep 20, 2016George H.W. Bush Will Reportedly Vote for Hillary Clinton
  1422. Sep 20, 2016George H.W. Bush Will Reportedly Vote for Hillary Clinton
  1423. Sep 20, 2016Poland Considering Law Banning All Abortions
  1424. Sep 20, 2016Boat Captain Being Tried for Murder of 6 Christian Refugees
  1425. Sep 20, 2016Ted Cruz Reiterates Call to Ban Refugees
  1426. Sep 20, 2016A Look at the Music Behind ‘Hillsong: Let Hope Rise’
  1427. Sep 20, 2016Freedom of Religion or Belief ‘the Defining Issue of Our Time’
  1428. Sep 20, 2016After Weekend Bombing in NYC, Investigators Narrow Focus on Suspect
  1429. Sep 20, 2016Prominent Syriac Church Damaged by Missile Fire
  1430. Sep 20, 2016U.N. Report Reveals over 1 Million Have Fled Conflict in South Sudan
  1431. Sep 20, 2016Judge Suggests Mike Pence’s Syrian Refugee Ban Rooted in Religious Bias
  1432. Sep 20, 2016Virginia Man Set for Trial in Lesbian Child Custody Case
  1433. Sep 20, 2016Republicans Delay Impeachment Vote for IRS Head
  1434. Sep 20, 2016Churches in the ‘Civil Rights’ Crosshairs
  1435. Sep 20, 2016Lingering Pipeline Protesters Plan Long Stay
  1436. Sep 20, 2016Belgium: Sick Child Becomes First Minor to be Euthanized
  1437. Sep 20, 2016Muslim Rebels Massacre Christians in Central African Republic
  1438. Sep 20, 2016UK: Church Leaders Meet Together to Launch Large-Scale Prayer Initiative
  1439. Sep 20, 2016Trump Makes Pro-Life Pledge, Hires Pro-Life Advocate for Campaign
  1440. Sep 20, 2016Plans to go Forward to Build Temple of Baal Arch in NYC