I will be the first to admit, witnessing to others can be difficult; I never know where to start! Praise God He’s not finished with me yet; I’m a work in progress! (Phil. 1:6) Right now He’s teaching me about open doors to sharing Christ with others in my everyday life. I’ve known that meeting needs, serving others opens doors to conversations about Jesus. We see this in missions work, helping homeless, service projects, etc. What about that clerk at the store or our local postal worker or our child’s teacher though? These aren’t really strangers, and maybe we don’t really see physical needs in their lives. Where do we begin? I’m learning to begin with a couple of needs everyone has – appreciation and encouragement! Deep within us each of us need to know we matter, that what we are doing has purpose. Yesterday when I went to a local business, God impressed on me to share a verbal witness with two workers there. I’d like to say I immediately obeyed, but nonetheless, I had a discussion with God before obeying…something like “Really, God? They will think I’m nuts! I don’t even know where to begin!” That’s when God told me to begin with a genuine word of appreciation for their service and encourage them. (Think about how often Paul gave thanks to others in his letters. Phil. 1:3) I began by sharing with them that I appreciate how they are always so helpful to me and encouraged them. Then I said I wanted to also share with them something special to me – my relationship with Jesus and what a difference He has made in my life. You could tell by their faces they weren’t used to customers coming back to say thank you and mean it. It opened the door for me to share from my heart. One was a Christian and said they really needed that word of encouragement! He got so excited! The other quietly, but openly listened. I know I fall way short in this area, but seeds were planted, and God is the One who will give the growth. (1 Cor. 3:6) So I’m off to the Post Office now! ☺